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Islington College

Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu

Islington College in Kathmandu has been offering world-class education in business and information technology since 1996. In collaboration with London Metropolitan University, the college promises to provide globally recognized degrees. The college is committed to delivering education that goes beyond the pages of a textbook.

Furthermore, there are no concessions provided in terms of student resources and needs. Islington College guarantees that all critical components are provided through a real-world experience in which students engage in business excursions and meetings. Various professionals and academics have been asked to conduct lectures on their respective subjects in order to broaden students' interest and increase their knowledge and comprehension.


The college practices and fosters a vibrant culture that emerges from our daily organizational traditions. Islington believes that combining education with an environment that fosters creativity leads to greater growth. Islington College takes pride in producing industry-ready graduates by honing their skills via a stunning combination of knowledge and creativity.

Islington College is proud to share more than 3,800 strong alumni leading, creating, and mentoring all over the world. The college indulges in providing the best infrastructure meeting the international ideals concentrating on developing industry-ready graduates, graduate employment rate of 98.6% stands as proof of it. The global exposure students gain from Islington College helps to inspire innovation. The college's approachable expertise has been helping its students to grow through a global platform as exposure to the real world.


To be the most recognized and prestigious private college in Nepal.


To develop industry-ready graduates.

Salient Features

  • International standard L-T-W (Lecture, Tutorial, and Workshop) approach in teaching that provides students with practical experience beyond the classroom.
  • The updated curriculum to equip students with the ability to transfer their knowledge to use.
  • Exposure to industry's working through experiential learning as well as workshops and lecture sessions by global and local experts in the sector. 
  • Exposure to the international industry through field-based visits. 
  • Modern and practical education-based college dedicated to quality academic performance and student experience.
  • Long Experience in providing quality and industry-ready IT and Business.
  • Partnership with established international universities and institutions from UK and Singapore.
  • Contribution to society locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Learning experience beyond textbooks and classrooms

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

  • Computer labs
  • Lecture halls
  • Cafeteria
  • Seminar room
  • Tutorial room 
  •  Audio-video studio
  •  Learning zones

Admission Guidelines

Admission process is divided into the following four steps:

  1. Counseling
  2. Application
  3. Acceptance/ Rejection
  4. Registration 


Students are required to attend college on their own or with their friends and guardians. A team of professional student counselors and personal academic advisors will be on hand to help students better comprehend the program's offers.

Students will generally be invited to take part in a Campus Tour, during which they will be taken around the college to get a sense of how it runs and strives to provide a welcoming learning environment for students.


Students are required to come to the college to complete the college and university application forms once they've decided to pursue a bachelor's degree at the college. Students must ensure that they completely comprehend the terms and conditions of acceptance for any degree program, as well as the methods of payment for College, University Fees, and the Refund Policy. They are further required to bring the following documentation to the college admissions office:

  1. Original copy of highest attained academic qualifications (e.g. SEE, NEB 10+2, A-Level, CBSE certificate)
  2. Original copy of citizenship certificate or passport

The admissions officers will photocopy the documents and compare them to the originals to ensure that they are true copies. If the genuine copy of the official document is not presented at the time of application, the institution reserves the right to refuse the application.

In addition, the students will be required to pay a small application fee to the college for this purpose. The academic qualifications will be reviewed by college admissions experts right away to determine your eligibility. If the institution's basic admission requirements are met for a bachelor's degree, the college will be able to extend a conditional acceptance offer for enrollment.


The completed application forms and documentation will be sent to London Metropolitan University for final approval, and the college will notify the applicants of the evaluation results within 3 to 5 working days. If the application is approved and accepted, they will be notified through email or phone to come to the institution to complete the registration process as soon as possible. If the university does not accept the application, the college will notify and advise the applicant or their guardian.


To finish the registration, students must go to the college right away. If they do not complete the registration procedure within 5 working days of obtaining the University's evaluation results, the college reserves the right to deny the registration. Between the college and the student, an official student contract will be prepared, acknowledged, and signed. Students will then be sent an invoice for  College Fees as well as an invoice for their University Fees.


100% Scholarship

A full-fledged Master's Programme Scholarship is provided by Islington College for two students.

The Attitude, Academics, and Attendance (AAA) Scholarship

The Undergraduate scholarship is provided to 10% of the total students from each intake. The undergraduate scholarship is based on the 3As, namely Attitude, Academics, and Attendance of the students in the first year.

International Student House and London Metropolitan University Scholarship Programme:

An ING group project worth Rs. 1.5 crore that allows students to strengthen their academics and experience on an international level, courtesy of the London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. Tuition, airfare, lodging, and living expenses are covered under this scholarship. 


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