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Nursing and Midwifery

Health Professional Education A sub-discipline of Health Professional Education

Primary health care practitioners, both Nurses, and Midwives work in community settings and hospital settings to provide healthcare services to people. Nurses work in a wide range of sectors in healthcare, namely, hospitals, communities, schools, colleges, households, government sectors, the teaching profession, etc. While midwifery is a discipline introduced in Nepal as a priority in the rural maternal and child healthcare sector, Nursing has wide scope in and out of the country as well.

Nurses and Midwives form a large part of the healthcare workforce. Nursing is a crucial discipline under health care that seeks to provide all sorts of medical care to people in hospitals or any other setting as the job demands. Nursing professionals are trained in handling patient care as well as dealing with their families. Nurses can specialize in many subjects under the discipline. Midwifery falls under one of the nursing specializations but is also taught as a separate discipline.  Midwifery enables graduates to care for childbearing women and their families in promoting safe child birthing practices. It also involves professionals who work with other health practitioners to render the health care service most effective.