MD Anaesthesiology

MD Anaesthesiology

3 years

Entrance Exams

  • Fee:NPR 2,381,760

Anaesthesiology is a medical speciality involved in provision of life support, insensibility to pain, both for surgical procedures and child birth. It also includes assessment and management of critically ill patients; as well as assessment and management of pain.

Pass percentage and degree awarded : Minimum pass percentages are 50% overall in Clinical Practicals, including that obtained from the formative assessment, with minimum

The candidates who pass the examination will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine in Anesthesiology, MD (Anesthesiology) by National Academy of Medical Sciences.

Salient Features


Candidates should be:

1. Capable of practising as a specialist in anaesthesia.

2. Capable of organising and implementing the service and educational programme.

3. Able to develop skills of critical analysis of scientific literatures

4. Capable of conducting and supervising research activities.

5. Conversant with recent advances in anaesthesiology and allied subjects

6. Capable of communicating effectively & efficiently with teachers, colleagues, patients and relatives.

7. Capable of self directed learning & Continuing Medical Education.


At the end of the MD course the students would have acquired or developed knowledge, and skills so that the candidate would be able to:

1. Assess and prepare patients for anaesthesia.

2. Provide insensibility to pain during surgical, obstetric; therapeutic and diagnostic procedures and manage patients so affected.

3. Monitor and restore homeostasis in the critically ill, injured or otherwise seriously ill patients.

4. Manage and teach cardiac pulmonary and cerebral resuscitation.

5. Manage painful syndromes.

6. Supervise, teach and evaluate performances of both medical and other health personnel involved in anaesthesia, respiratory and critical care.

7. Conduct research at the clinical and basic science level to explain and improve the care of patients.

8. Develop qualities of initiatives, creativity, sound judgement and logical deduction so as to provide academic leadership in anaesthesia.



  1. Candidates should have MBBS or equivalent degree recognized by the Nepal Medical Council.
  2. Candidates should have minimum two years of work experience in Government, University or other similar recognized hospitals after temporary registration with Medical Council.
  3. Candidates should achieve minimum 50% marks in the written MCQ type entrance examination.
  4. For selection of the candidates, 60% of the marking would be as per the markings of the written examination, and rest 40% would be given as followings:
    1. Experience in remote areas as per the classification of Ministry (2 years x maximum number 10%): 20%
    2. PG diplomas from a recognized university in the concerned subject only (Diploma holder in one subject can not apply in other subject): 5%
    3. MBBS or equivalent (>75%: 5; >60%: 4; >50: 3): 5%
    4. ISc or equivalent or certificate in health sciences (>60%: 5; >45%: 4; <45: 3): 5%
    5. SLC or equivalent (>75%: 5; >60%: 4; >45: 3; <45%: 2): 5%