Master of Business Management

Master of Business Management

2 years

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Master of Business Management (MBM) programme is two years course aimed at providing graduates with the skills and competencies to fulfill management positions in the field of business management, both in the public and private sector. These positions can include management or policy making positions in large organizations, as well as positions of management in small to medium sized companies (SMEs). 

An aim is that students are able to critically analyze and evaluate various developments within an organization so that they can form, create and instigate policies, visions and aims and solutions within that organization. 

They should be in a position to analyze the strategic processes and vision of a company or organization and using this analysis apply and implement tools to innovate, optimize and (re-) structure these processes using an integral approach. From an international perspective the students should learn to analyze the environment they find themselves in and adapt their behavior and role according to the macro and micro environments they find themselves in. 

The MBM programme is aimed at both international and local students who have worked or are working within an international context in the fields of management and administration, either in business or non-commercial organizations, and aspire to continue developing careers in these areas. 

Students entering the programme will have a feel for an intercultural and multi-lingual learning environment. 

The MBM is aimed specifically at providing graduates with the opportunity to further develop a set of broad and equally balanced range of business, management and organization knowledge, skills and competencies, whilst also allowing them to specialize during the programme in a more specific region of business management that interests them, and can allow them to create a more specific graduation profile. 

The-MBM is also clearly aimed at providing students with the knowledge and skills that would enable them to further their studies at a higher level. 

Curricular Structure

Semester-wise curriculum breakdown for Master of Business Management offered from Far-Western University.

First Semester
Course Title Credits
Managerial Accounting 3
Managerial Economics 3
Computer Applications in Management 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Statistics for Management 3
Total 15
Second Semester
Course Title Credits
Entrepreneurship Management 3
Human Resource Management 3
International Business 3
Marketing Management 3
Managerial Finance 3
Total 15
Third Semester
Course Title Credits
Operations Management 3
Management Information System 3
Business Research Methods 3
Specialization I 3
Specialization II 3
Total 15
Fourth Semester
Course Title Credits
Micro Finance 3
Nepalese Business Environment 3
Strategic Management 3
Specialization III 3
Internship 3
Dissertation 6
Total 21