Human Resources Managers

Last updated January 01, 2015

Human resources managers are the backbone of every company. They work with employers and employees. They have a wide range of responsibilities, which include answering questions about the company health plan, helping coworkers work out disagreements, and making sure that supervisors treat employees fairly.

You might work for a small company where you cover all areas of human resources or for a large company where you specialize. Either way, you’ll be responsible for making sure that everyone is happy.

Human resources managers help maintain working relationships between employers and employees. They oversee hiring, benefits, salaries, training, and more.

Did You Know?

Passing a test and earning professional certification can improve your career.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Advertise job openings
  • Screen job applicants
  • Understand labor laws
  • Counsel employees
  • Set up employee evaluation programs
  • Shop for the best health insurance
  • Explain retirement plans to employees

It Helps To Be...

A clear communicator who enjoys meeting new people and working on many projects at once.

Make High School Count

  • Sign up with an organization like Junior Achievement and learn about business from the professionals.
  • Take advantage of English, history, speech, and drama classes to polish your spoken and written communication skills.
  • Master the computer. Become familiar with word processing and spreadsheets.

Did You Know?

Many human resources managers work for companies that help people find jobs and businesses find people.