Financial Managers

Last updated January 01, 2015

Is it better to spend the last of the money for senior prom on decorations or food? Is it better to spend more money on the class trip and go to an amusement park or save money and visit a museum?

These are challenging decisions, but if they’re challenges you’d enjoy meeting, then consider becoming a financial manager. In this career, you’ll have to make risky financial decisions -- and convince others that you’re right.

Financial managers oversee the monetary concerns of businesses and other organizations.

Did You Know?

About three in ten financial managers work for an insurance or financial company, such as a bank.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Decide how to invest money
  • Choose the best way to raise funds for growth
  • Set short- and long-term moneymaking goals
  • Research and write proposals
  • Supervise others
  • Work long hours

It Helps To Be...

An excellent problem solver and a clear communicator who loves working with numbers.

Make High School Count

  • Polish your speaking and writing skills in English, speech, and drama classes. As a financial manager, you’ll be talking with team members and advising company leaders daily.
  • Master the computer. Become familiar with word processing and spreadsheet software.
  • Pay close attention in math and consider trying your hand at statistics and accounting.

Did You Know?

Because of ever-changing federal and state laws, continuing education -- at conferences and in graduate courses, for example -- is a must.