​Virinchi College

​Virinchi College

Kumaripati, Lalitpur


Virinchi College has been consistently offering global standard education for Nepalese students. Besides internationally recognized degrees we also offer various valued courses that has significantly high demand among the employers. The consistent effort of college is towards design and upgrade curriculum which inculcates lifelong learning attitude among the Virinchains. Their effort has been in the attracting probing learners and offer them with unparalleled learning exposure and experiences.

Virinchi is a team of like-minded proven professionals of diverse discipline committed to promote aspiring students tonachieve success through world-class education and mentoring. It aims to cater global standard degrees that would lead one towards self-sufficiency through life-long research, education, training and skills. Moreover, it is committed to produce globally competent graduates who can fit themselves in the multi-cultural environment. 

Virinchi is in partnership with Asia e University (AeU), a collaborative multinational University established as the outcome of initiative of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD). A body formed in 2002 aims to promote globally desired education to the Asian student. AeU is established with the support of ACD 34 member countries in Asia Pacific region including Nepal. AeU has more than 50 collaborative colleges in Asian and Non-Asian countries to offer quality academic and professional programs at par with global standards. AeU is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Currently, Virinchi College is offering Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT). The governing board and management team of Virinchi comprises of passionate academicians, entrepreneurs, practicing engineers, managers of social works.

The college has included series of supplementary valuable programs to provide complete solution in the areas of ICT, Management,  Economics, Engineering and Technologies for the benefit of young scholars. These programs include finer set of courses based on research and contemporary best practices meeting the requirement of time. The esteemed partner Asia e University constantly strives to craft elevated intensity of competencies in the graduates who would not only manage their lives but capabilities to complete their duties. 

The team of Virinchi college is eager to facilitate in the learning process of it's students. It wishes to build a knowledge-based, productive and responsible community that will have pride of being self and respect others. It believes that the college should be timely prepared for competitive and demanding world with managerial abilities, IT expertise, people skills, attitude and abilities to lead, prompt decision-making abilities and sense of honoring multi-cultural values and norms. 

Virinchi College is committed to fully groom every enrolled students with all technical, managerial and social requirements of business houses and the stakeholders. It has a firm faith on it's human resources, their determination and enduring commitment to all stakeholders that will always have an edge over others to lead and be distinct and better.



To be the first-choice college for University Level Education in Nepal.


To strive constantly for the excellence in ICT and Management education with enhancing in learning through involvement, experience and exposure to offer incomparable experience for advanced technology, entrepreneurship and professionalism for all the stakeholders.


Virinchi team believes that :

  • Learning is fun; knowing is joy and exploring is the journey of life.People learn differently, Promote-learning is the best approach of learning . Everyone is capable, and yearns. for contributing the world and make unique image in one’s lifetime.

Core Values

Virinchi team moves ahead with the following values:

  • Open to ever changing global values and ways of the world
  • Consistency and integrity in handling duties
  • Accountability for all acts
  • Sincerity & enduring relationship
  • Respects other’s identity and value

Salient Features

Extracurricular Activities:

Virinchi team believes in building a complete personality of students, which contributes for living joyous and happy life. Various student-centered extracurricular activities have been designed to enhance art of organizing and upgrading capacity. College also encourages students to take part in events organized by other institutions inside and outside the country.

Virinchi Alumni:

College encourages students form Alumni, which helps them to join with their seniors and juniors to get synergy in their initiatives. The College constantly updates the number of the graduates and encourages them to take part in assisting them in required areas. It also connects AeU fraternity for a great cause.

Entrepreneur Development Center:

Virinchi believes that self-employment is the best employment, as creating employment opportunity for others is a noble duty and responsibility to the society. To make this a reality, Virinchi College has its Entrepreneurial Development Center which in collaboration with state, private and international community initiates activates for students and alumni. College has its own Business Incubation Center, “Virinchi Initiatives” in its premises which provides full platform to the students along with required emotional, moral and other supports.

Credit Transfer:

The University offers globally recognized modules, which are transferable in majority of the Universities. The college provides entire assistance to the students desiring to have their credit transferred in between the program due to their personal reasons.

Student Council

Energetic Student Council is working actively in the college. The student council has been formed in the college to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out college activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to college spirit and community welfare. They also help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the college community. In the initiation of the Student Council there are six clubs are formed and working actively in the college.

Events Club

Event Club conducts various events organized in college and outside college. The main event held by events club are V- celebration and V-Feast every year. Club also conducts various sports events such as futsal, basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and etc.

ICT Club

ICT Club aims to foster the use of Information and communication Technology among students at the college. ICT Club organizes events such as Web Designing, digital gaming competitions, ICT quiz, ICT workshops and seminars.

Publication Club

Publication Club publishes periodic VIRINCHI Newsletter. Entire college activities, students’ articles and other literary works are published on a Virinchi Newsletter to keep the college updates. The Publication Club also organizes Movie Review Writing Competition, Essay Writing Competition and Photography Competition.

Social Welfare Club

Social Welfare Club is working with the objective of creating awareness about social responsibility and focusing on ways students can contribute to the betterment of the community. Blood Donation Camp, Charity Program, Environment Campaign, book donations and etc. are major activities of the club.

Presenter’s Club

Presenter’s Club promotes leadership and self- confidence on students through the presentations and public speaking sessions. Club organizes presentation session and public speaking on various topics in weekly basis.

Skill Booster Club

Skill booster club aims to enhance the skill and knowledge of students through the conducting various In-house Training and Skill Development Session Programs.

Activities in the Campus

Virinchi offers various other activities along with the academic programs to have proper blend in order to build the competency in graduates, which would foster them to be successful in the chosen profession.

These activities are designed on the basis of various research programs carried out by the AeU and industry national and international professionals and academicians to the requirement of time.

The program starts with soft and extended orientation and socialization program. These programs would provide a complete exposure to the scholars to be familiar with program they are enrolled in, along with values of the University and College to timely align with.

As the academic program progresses by trimesters and semesters, students will be involved in competency building programs of following nature that will boost their morale and confidence as well:

  •  Industrial Visits, Short Term Exposure and Internship
  •  Planning and Counseling
  •  Self-Building Camps
  •  Social Works
  •  Participation in Mentorship Program
  •  Employable Skills Training
  •  Round Table Discussion on Contemporary Issues
  •  Know Nepal and celebrate being Nepali

These activities are well programmed and consistently upgraded to meet the core learning objectives of respectable program(s).

Admission Guidelines


For Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) program:

  • The students willing to join the program must have successfully completed  NEB Examination with ‘D+’ grade and at least ‘C+’ grade in Mathematics in SEE/NEB from a reputed educational institution in any discipline.

For MBA program:

  • The students willing to join the program must have successfully completed the Undergraduate / Bachelor’s Level or equivalent education from a reputed educational institution in any discipline. However, a three-year educational degree is mandatory to apply for the program.


Merit Scholarship

  • 3.6 equals and above Rs. 100,000 off on admission fee.
  • 3.4-3.5 equals and above Rs 50,000 off on admission fee.
  • 3-3.3 and above Rs 25,000 off on the admission fee. 


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