Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology

4 years

BICT (Bachelor of Information Communication Technology) is an utmost demanding course of new generations. BICT is a four-year bachelor level honors degree program. BICT program provides students a broad range of proficiency in information and communication technology, and develops students’ skills on competency to create innovative solution for the digital world. 

BICT graduates will have generous academic and practical knowledge on software development and ample skills in key ranges such as software programming, database management, information system and many more ICT based areas. BICT course is designed to train hands-on experience through the practical based skills boosting learning environment and professional internships in industries. 

Along with domain skills our graduates will also have in-depth knowledge of 360 degree skills. BICT graduates may choose to be a entrepreneur or working in established institutions in promising areas of ICTs. Globally human resources demands in these areas of ICTs are increasing rapidly, which ultimately upgrades the sizes of remunerations as graduates are being more innovative, competent and skilled.    


The students willing to join the program must have successfully completed  NEB Examination with ‘D+’ grade and at least ‘C+’ grade in Mathematics in SEE/NEB from a reputed educational institution in any discipline.

Job Prospects

On successful completion of the program, the students may choose to be an entrepreneur (Self-Employment) or managing professionals in established institutions in promising areas as:

  •  Software Programmer
  •  System Analyst
  •  System & Network Administrator
  •  Database Administrator
  •  IT Manager
  •  Web Developer
  •  MIS Manager
  •  IT Entrepreneur