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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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AeU is offering more than 30 programs at PhD, Master’s (academic and executive) Degree, Postgraduate, and Diploma and Foundation levels. Recent student enrollment was over 14,000 including in Malaysia and wide spread partnering institutions spread across Bahrain, Cambodia, China, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, UAE,  Vietnam and more.

  • Established 2002 AD
  • private Institution
  • 010-769 9903

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The Asia e University is a collaborative multinational university initiated by the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), a body established in 2002 to promote Asian cooperation at a continental level. Established as a Malaysian initiative, to be the prime mover of e-Education, it is supported by 34 ACD Member Countries as affirmed at the ACD Ministerial Meetings held in Islamabad in 2005 and Doha in 2006.

AeU collaborates with Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) and Training Centre in the ACD Member Countries to offer quality academic and professional training program that are affordable and accessible.

The University acts as a facilitator for the mutual accreditation and recognition of degrees and academic programs among Asian IHLs. It also acts as an enabler for IHLs in Asia to leverage on each other’s resources and facilities including the sharing of academic and professional programs.

ACD member countries have recognized AeU as an instrument for greater Asia-wide cooperation and a catalyst in narrowing the digital divide among communities and nations. AeU is set to champion e-Education efforts to meet the human capacity needs of Asia. Since the inception of AeU, it has brought into existence a new approach to tertiary education that gives rise to greater flexibility in learning. The philosophy is based on the commitment that quality education should be made available, accessible and affordable to all people regardless of demographics.

By focusing heavily on technology, AeU has opened the door to higher education, giving working adults the chance to continue learning and to upgrade their skills and knowledge, thus improving not only themselves, but also their families, professions, and ultimately, their countries. Built on the philosophy, that education should be democratized, AeU has focused on creating an affordable and accessible pathway to higher education, while placing importance on flexible entry requirements, a learner-friendly academic system, and a blended pedagogy that combines different modes of learning.

Each of these components is designed to fulfill the diverse needs of its learners and to create learning environments that respond to the challenges of the 21st century. AeU comprises of eight schools (Management; Education; ICT; Humanities & Arts; Graduate Studies; Foundation Studies; Professional & Executive Education; and Technical & Engineering Education)offering various programs through dual mode learning in more than twenty affiliated colleges and learning centers around the world. All academic programs offered by University are accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) at par with global standards. 

AeU has continued to develop and invest in human resources, technology, research and innovation to provide quality teaching and excellent learning programs. AeU is committed to offer value-added academic, intellectual and professional skills to all the students to groom them for market needs and employability. AeU focuses on the Learner and Faculty to provide best services to enhance the learning. The Faculty members, academic facilitators and staff are very dedicated to enhance the experience in pursuit of academic and career goals.