St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence is a co-educational college established in 1997 A.D., in a prime location of Chabahil, Pipalbot, Kathmandu, with a view to impart quality education in the nation. Our focus is primarily on the intellectual development and academic excellence of the students. Through its curriculum, teaching methodology, campus life and extra curricular activities, it stimulates students critical thinking and heightens their moral sensitivity. It encourages them to be seekers of truth, responsible and knowledgeable citizen of the world, facing tough competition posed by the fast-growing advancement of science and technology. St. Lawrence College also promotes growth in self-discipline which enables the making of life choices. An education at St. Lawrence College fosters a gradual awakening of service to and sacrifice for others.

Students at St. Lawrence College are accepted as active inquirers who desire to develop their capacities to think and to learn. Further more, our newly refurbished college building is fully equipped to cater for our students ' needs, providing a positive learning environment.

Contact Address

St. Lawrence College
PO Box: 1221, Chabahil, Pipalbot

Kathmandu, Nepal

Salient features

Salient Features

  • Research based learning
  • Guest lectures by the experts
  • Prominent faculty Outstanding result
  • Co-curricular & extracurricular activities
  • Innovative, participatory & competitive approach
  • E-learning education system
  • Parents teachers association
  • Multimedia classroom presentation
  • Regular field study and workshop
  • Individual career counselling Educational excursion
  • Science and IT Expo

Facilities and Services


Our library is well furnished with the updated collection of nationally and internationally standardized text books, journals, newspapers, pleasure reading books, research and project reports and audio visual materials. We regularly subscribe to the selected journals, magazines, and newspapers.


The transport facility is provided by the College on need-basis.


We have three separate well maintained, spacious and well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories with modern apparatus and ample varied specimens to make practical learning.


St. Lawrence College has very especial well furnished hostel near by the College

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Admission guidelines

Admission Procedure for Grade XI


Applicants need minimum Grade B in SEE exam for Science, Grade C+ in Management and Grade C+ for Humanities stream respectively.

Application forms:

The applicant should submit these forms duly filled in with all supporting documents by the given deadline.

Entrance Test:

Entrance test is compulsory to get admission at St. Lawrence College. The applicant should sit for entrance test as given deadline by the College.


The result of the entrance test will be published on the merit basis.

Personal counseling:

The applicant’s personal interview will be taken individually after the written test exam and proper counseling will be done in the presence of the guardians or the parents.


Successful applicants shall be enrolled as a bonafide St. Lawrence students on the completion of the this process.

Scholarship information

St.Lawrence College provides full and partial scholarships to the needy and deserving students. We provide scholarships on the basis of grade obtained in SEE examination, term examinations result and result of final board examination of NEB. All the scholarships are provided depending upon the student’s academic performance, class activities and academic progress.

a) SEE Merit Scholarship Scheme for grade XI:




Monthly Fee

3.7 - 4



3.3 - 3.6



2.9 - 3.2



2.5 - 2.8





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Message from College

Purushottam Maharjan picture

Mr. Purushottam Maharjan


Dear All !

It gives us immense pleasure to tell you that St. Lawrence College has been establish by a group of dynamic, farsighted, dedicated and experienced entrepreneurs, education management experts and professional for academic excellence that provides unlimited learning opportunities.

St. Lawrence focuses on academic achievements reinforced by all-round education and personality development with the safety and security of students. With the excellent HSEB results and the highest score, it has been proved as the best example of the best college. The credit of the outstanding board result goes to the team of dynamic, dedicated and experienced faculties which always encourages the students to face the challenges of modern era.

The way the world is heading towards modernization the more it is becoming more competitive. In this global context, we are dedicated to develop saleable human resource. As a result, our students are achieving huge success in different sect

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