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Cosmopolitan college, one of the private coeducational institutions run by The Cosmopolitan Educational Foundation is the only one of its kind. The college has made a major commitment academic excellence. It is in the process of adding faculty positions, expanding faculty and widening opportunities in key graduate and undergraduate programs such as, +2, B.A./BBS and further studies.

Cosmopolitan college was established in the year 2007 and has become the pride of excellent result in Higher Secondary Board and TU examinations since the date of its establishment. It was previously run by the name JM College but now it is run by the new management team under the name Cosmopolitan College. In the process of expanding the college management, we have recently established the affiliation with the various schools within the Kathmandu valley and outside. We are committed to provide a quality education to build the strong pillars of future generation. We give personal attention in small and interactive classes and help the students, effectively apply what they learn to their career.

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Cosmopolitan College
Chabhil, Kathmandu, Nepal
GPO Box: 8973