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Master of Business Management (MBM) Colleges in Nepal

December 26, 2022
Last updated January 18, 2023
Master of Business Management (MBM) Colleges in Nepal
KMC Lalitpur

Young, aspirant students study  management courses as they like to  pursue careers in business, industry, government, and society. The courses are designed to improve students' managerial and business skills. In Nepal,many students' interests have shifted to management, and management courses are becoming a common alternative for students. The management faculty regularly adds new courses, which draws students from the management profession as a whole. The goal of management education in Nepal is to create active professionals working in the field. There are currently several options available to students who are studying the bachelor course. The faculty diversifies and always welcomes new courses.

In this blog, a new advanced management course Master of Business Management (MBM) and its benefits with colleges that are providing an MBM program  are being discussed for the students after their undergraduate degree. 

Master in Business Management (MBM) is an academic program for Management students that equips students with core business skills and in-depth knowledge of managing the business sector.The MBM program is designed to create executives qualified to lead the developing nations' emerging commercial sectors. 

Students will undergo an engaging and challenging learning process with this curriculum. The MBM program develops the graduates' management skills based on a good understanding of the economic, social, and political environment at the national and global levels. The MBM program encourages a culture of learning, reflection, and development through the program's curricular and co-curricular activities.

Specific objectives of the MBM program

  • To develop the core business skills that contribute to creating efficient and capable human resources for the business, government, and social sectors.
  • To provide highly calibrated business graduates with a solid foundation in understanding business operations while developing the skills and awareness needed to be successful business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.
  • To develop capable executives for emerging business sectors in developing economics.
  • To offer a broader understanding of management issues along with appropriate skills and techniques.

Colleges that offer Master in Business Management (MBM) in Nepal

Public Youth Campus

A high-quality educational experience is what Public Youth Campus is committed to delivering through exacting academic standards and real-world application. The goal of the faculty team is to produce future managers and leaders equipped to handle the challenging, competitive, and complicated environment of management and business operations.

Public Youth Campus (PYC) is a crucial constituent campus of Tribhuvan University's (TU) Faculty of Management. The campus has an unrivaled place in the history of management education in Nepal, having been established in 1971 (2028 BS) with the establishment of the New Education System Plan.

PYC has a tremendous educational history, with teachers and students exhibiting exceptional cooperation, understanding, trust, and devotion nearly reminiscent of old universities. Academics usually describe it as a TU-constituent campus where political or disruptive actions would not significantly disturb or affect the campus' educational environment.It provides a top-quality educational experience through courses which combine high academic standards and practical application. In a complex, competitive, and challenging environment of Management and Business Operation.

PYC offers various programs they are:

Nepal Commerce Campus

Nepal Commerce Campus (known as NCC), one of the oldest management colleges of Tribhuvan University, was established in 2021 BS with the zeal of imparting quality education in the country. Nepal Commerce Campus-NCC (Minbhawan Campus) offers six management programs. The bachelor's level offers BBA, BIM, BBM, and BBS. At the Master's level, it provides MBS and MBM programs.

Central Department of Management | Tribhuvan University

The growth of management education in Nepal is a goal of the central department of management at Tribhuvan University. Master's, M.Phil., and Ph.D. programs in management are offered by Tribhuvan University's Central Department of Management (CDM), a pioneering institution in management education. To prepare students for the challenges and opportunities presented by the business world, CDM was founded in 1959. It has an extensive track record of successfully preparing its students with vital managerial skills for careers in business, industry, and government. It strongly emphasizes preparing students for careers in business and management-related research, consulting, and teaching.

Shanker Dev Campus

Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) is Tribhuvan University's one of most prestigious constituent campuses for business education. It is located in the center of Kathmandu City (Putalisadak). It is staffed by a team of well-trained, highly professional, devoted, and capable faculty members who are committed to the student's success. It offers a variety of programs in several shifts, including BBS, BBA, BIM, BBM, BBA-Finance, MBS, and MBM (morning, day, and evening).

Bhairahawa Multiple Campus

Bhairahawa Multiple Campus is situated at Bhairahawa, affiliated with Tribhuvan University. It operates in the city as a non-profit educational institution. Bhairahawa Multiple Campus offers bachelor's degree programs in BSc, BCA, BBS, BBM, B.Ed, and BA, as well as Master's degree programs in MBS, M.Ed, Masters in Nepali, and Masters in Sociology and Anthropology.

Saraswati Multiple Campus

Saraswati Multiple Campus is located at Lekhnathmarg, Thamel, Kathmandu. Saraswati Multiple Campus offers Bachelor's and Master's programs under two faculties of Tribhuvan University: the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Bachelor and Master's programs of SMC offer programs like BBS, BBM, BBA, BHM, MB, and a Master's program in Business Studies MBS, Similarly, under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, courses such as Bachelor of Arts in English, Nepali, Mathematics, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Culture, History and Rural Development and semester-based Master's program in English, Nepali and Sociology are offered respectively.

Padma Kanya Multiple Campus 

Padma Kanya Multiple Campus (popularly known as PK Campus) is situated in Bagbazar. The campus currently offers higher education degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, and Science. As a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University, PKMC has educated women from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, and a variety of other nations. 

PK Campus has a proud history of more than five decades. Ever since its inception, it has stood for quality educaparticularlyicula,rly to the girls’ students enabling them to combat every plight and issue they have to encounter in their regular life in society and across the world. The slogan of this Campus is "Quality Education for Women's Empowerment. Its mission is to run the campus autonomously in order to impart quality education for women to prepare and empower them with knowledge and skills for their life, work, and occupations in a distinctive and inclusive learning environment.


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