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List of Vice-Chancellors of Universities in Nepal

January 24, 2023
Last updated August 30, 2023
List of Vice-Chancellors of Universities in Nepal
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Nepal’s universities use the European educational system to operate. In this type of structure, the chancellor serves as the ceremonial head of the university and conducts meetings of its governing body. The vice-chancellor leads its executive management. The system normally has an academic senate, often known as the faculty senate, a governing body of members selected by the government and members of the faculty of various units within the institution. The vice-chancellor, who serves as its "Chief Executive Officer," normally reports directly to the chancellor and carries out its decisions. In terms of academics, administration, financial management, and personnel administration, the VC is in charge of daily upkeep and long-term growth. 

A VC's duties include communicating the university's vision, mission, and values to internal and external stakeholders; improving the institution's academic mission and overall operations; approving and supervising the institutional budget and securing outside funding support as necessary; and working with the senate, elected officials, alumni, donors, and the larger community to further the university's mission.

Additionally, they are in charge of developing the strategy for long-term planning and development, locating and utilizing the financial and human resources, and managing real estate and campus properties. VCs have primary responsibility for the success of university graduates. Consequently, the VC must have a demonstrated history of excellence in teaching and research, as well as in managing shared governance and working with diverse student populations. For n Nepali institutions, the procedure for hiring vice-chancellors (VCs) involves the Chancellor, which sets up a search committee to compile a list of three to five applicants. The current Prime Minister of the nation is the university's chancellor, who is then presented with these candidates. 

Below is the list of all the Vice-Chancellors of universities in Nepal:

Name of Universities

Vice Chancellor's Name

Appointment Date

Tribhuvan University

Prof. Dr. Dharma Kant Baskota

September, 2019

Kathmandu University

Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa

January, 2021

Pokhara University

Prof. Prem Narayan Aryal. PhD

March, 2020

Purbanchal University

Prof. Dr. Yadav Raj Koirala

March, 2020

Agricultural and Forestry University

Prof. Dr. Punya Prasad Regmi

September, 2020

Nepal Open University

Prof. Shilu Manandhar Bajracharya, PhD

February, 2022

Lumbini Buddhist University

Prof Dr Subarna Lal Bajracharya

August, 2023

Mid-West University

Prof. Dr. Nanda Bahadur Singh

March, 2020

Far Western University

Prof. Dr. Amma Raj Joshi

March, 2020

Nepal Sanskrit University

Prof. Dr. Yadav Prakash Lamichhane

March, 2020

Rajarshi Janak University

Prof. Amar Prasad Yadav

July, 2023

Gandaki University

Prof. Dr. Ganeshman Gurung (Chancellor)

February, 2020

Madhesh University

Dr. Deepak Shakya

September, 2022

Madhesh Agricultural University

Dr. Vaidyanath Mahato

December, 2021

Manmohan Technical University

Dr. Subash Shree Pokhrel


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