Khwopa College announces admissions for Bachelor Programs

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Application form open: 2018-08-07

Application form close: 2018-12-15

Khwopa College, an affiliate of Tribhuvan University and an undertaking of Bhaktapur Municipality announces admissions open for Bachelor programs for the academic year 2075/76 in the following programs.  Khwopa College runs B.Sc in Environmental Science and Physics in the Morning shift where as programs like BBS, BA/BASW are conducted both in Morning and Day shifts. Application form for the admission is currently being distributed from the college, interested and eligible students can contact the college to fill the form. 


  1. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM).
  2. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  3. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BA/BASW)
  4. B.Sc. in Environmental Science
  5. B.Sc. in Physics
  6. Bachelor of Education (B. Ed)

Important Dates and Information 

  1. Application Form Distribution: 2075 Sharwan 22, Tuesday
  2. Documents needed: Photocopies of Grade Sheet of Grade 11/12 (1 copy each); Passport Size Photo (2 copies)
  3. Scholarships: Please read the official notice below.

Fee Structure of Khwopa College 2075/76
  B. Sc. Envt  Sc. B. Sc. Phy BBS  BA BASW BEd 
Payment Scheme I Yr I Yr I Yr I Yr I Yr I Yr
At the time of admission 25,350 22,350 15,350 15,350 20,350 11,325
Total for I Year 65,700 59,700 39,575 39,575 49,575 31,790
Monthly Fee 2,000 2,000 1,375 1,375 1,375 1,280
Excluding Field Excursion, TU Exam, TU Practical Exam, TU Registration and Trainings fees and Those fee have to paid on time.
Deposit will be refunded only for those students who complete the study
For late payment late fee will be charged as per rule

For details please contact

Khwopa College, Bhaktapur

Phone: 6610932, 6616018

email: [email protected]

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