Admission Open for Bachelor Programs at Triton International College

From June 09, 2024
Until July 31, 2024

Triton International College, located at Subidhanagar-25, Tinkune Kathmandu announces admission for the following programs: 

Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Triton is dedicated unconditionally to provide quality education to the 21st-century generation in keeping pace with our traditional culture and values.


The ultimate goal of BBS at Triton is to prepare students for professional careers in business, industry, and government. It is also committed to helping to an advance in business and public administration knowledge and understanding.
Triton intends to establish a network of management institutes in the United States and worldwide in order to exchange new information, technology, and methodologies for obtaining better levels of efficiency in company and government administration. It also intends to constantly invent and promote cost-effective, socially relevant, modern technology-based educational programs in Nepal.


Triton's BSW program is one of the helpful careers dedicated to improve people's lives. Social workers may help individuals cope with their relationships, solve personal and family difficulties, and improve their community's environment. Societal workers concentrate on social issues as well as the individual challenges that occur as a result of these social problems. Domestic violence, child abuse, unemployment, substandard or no housing, disability, and significant sickness are examples of such issues.