Tara Secondary School, Gorkha

Gorkha-9, Chhebetar, Gorkha




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Tara Secondary School, established in 2021 BS is located at Gorkha-9, Chhebetar, Gorkha. It was upgraded to lower secondary in 2035 BS, secondary in 2055 and higher secondary in 2069 BS. Appearing the first SLC batch students in 2056 BS, the school has started plus two program since 2069 BS. The school offers plus two program in Management, affiliated to NEB.

The school has full-fledged English medium class from grade one to five and Nepali medium class from six to ten.  

Spread over 10 ropanis of land, Tara Secondary School has six buildings with 26 rooms. For quality enhancement, the school also conducts extra classes to eight, nine and ten class students for Science, Maths and English. School lost its essential teaching learning materials when the building caught fire.  Currently, about seven hundred students are studying from ECD to grade twelve.