Media Academy Nepal

Bagbazaar, Kathmandu

Media Academy Nepal is an organization committed to developing media entrepreneurs and high-caliber media professionals. The institution is dedicated to influencing society through knowledgeable experts in the media industry, placing a heavy emphasis on creativity, dedication, and top-notch production. Media Academy Nepal aims to meet the increasing demand for professional media works by offering appropriate guidance and mentorship to people interested in pursuing a career in media or starting a business in the sector. The academy is committed to helping people launch a media company that benefits society through cutting-edge and potent media productions.



To produce high quality media professionals and help media entrepreneurs as well as the industry. Also, to facilitate Individuals start a media business aiming to serve the society with creativity and commitment.


To enable skilled professionals in media field, so as to transform the society with top-notch productions.


There is a huge demand for professional media works, be it an advertisement, film, television and content production. If there are creative inputs for content/programming making, it will have a greater impact on audience and industry.
For those individuals who are interested in media career OR desire to start a business in media sector, Media Academy Nepal shall provide proper guidance and mentorship at all stages.

The institution currently offers the following long-term and short-term training courses:

Diploma and Certificate Courses

Course Duration Fees
Diploma in Ad and Media Marketing 12 months 100000
Pre-Diploma in Media Marketing 6 months 50000
Pre-Diploma in Ad Marketing 6 months 50000
Certificate in Print Media Marketing 3 months 25000
Certificate in Television Marketing 3 months 25000
Certificate in Online Media Marketing 3 months 25000
Certificate in Radio Marketing 3 months 25000

Short-Term Courses

Course Duration Fees
Television Marketing 1 month 10000
Print Media Marketing 1 month 10000
Media Planning and Buying 1 month 10000
Radio Marketing 1 month 10000
Online News Media Marketing 1 month 10000
Ad Marketing 1 month 10000
Agency Marketing 1 month 10000
TV Program and Reality Show Marketing 1 month 10000
Event and Commericial Advt Marketing 1 month 10000


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