International Public Secondary School

Bhimdatt Municipality-4, Kanchanpur




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International Public Secondary School (IPHSS), as known to the residents of Far-West as one of the prime and glorious educational institutions of the region, is the sole school with outstanding results every year and Nepal Third once and many region TOP and district leaders.

STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE, this lofty institute was established by highly experienced educationists in 2053 B.S. with an ambitious project to quench the thirst for education in the far-west and certainly it has. The school has been working out for the best outcome with the cheapest input; imparting quality education with the least investment in the whole educational scenario.

Needless to say, each year this school is having a tremendous increment of HAPPY and CONTENT faces of the students and the guardians as there has been drastic rise in the 'distinction' position and a hundred percentage output that has placed us on the top in the far-western; with Regional Vidhya Shield TWICE already at hand and many more to follow sooner.

17 GLORIOUS YEARS have elapsed and IPHSS has sown the seed of quality education preparing the students to face the challenges in every field and reaping the harvest of success in each field they opt for.

The establishment of 'PLUS TWO' section in its very own land at the prime and serene location with the entire necessary modern infrastructure is another pride to announce. The sole aim of PLUS TWO is to impart the same quality education and make the students further ready to challenge the 'HI-TECH' era with their very own capability and gusto.

The teachers, comprehensibly devoted and well trained and organized have been working hard on this project to enhance the glory of both secondary and senior secondary sections.

The true realm of reality, education is a boon to any individual; so for that it knows no bound of community or caste nor any compromise can be accepted on education that is the universal fact being a blessing of modern era. With this motto, the school has served tirelessly people of the far-western region and has shared a great deal adding to the glory of this region sincerely which has helped a lot to uplift the literacy ratio of this region and Nepal as a whole.

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