FarWest School of Medicine

Mahendranagar-4, Mahendranagar




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Far-west School of Medicine (fwsm) established in august 2004 is affiliated to Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and approved by Health Professional Council of Nepal and Nepal Pharmacy Council for conducting Proficiency certificate level in General Medicine / Health Assistant(H.A.) , Certificate level in Pharmacy / Diploma in Pharmacy and Certificate level in medical Laboratory / Technology CMLT program.

Farwest School of Medicine has been leading /walking on its track with its missionary vision of producing technician/ medical exports, the middle level human capital in shouldering the national goal of our country.

This school has created a platform of technical education in an affordable cost in consideration with the students from rural economy and limited means of resource. It has tried its level best in imparting quality education in the field of medicine.

Vision: FWM is an autonomous institution which aims at developing itself as a model institution with a vision to foster technically sophisticated health education services in the farwest region of Nepal.

Mission: To fulfill the commitment of the people of Nepal, FWN is to provide quality health education in order to increase the number of technically skilled health personnel to serve in the remote rural areas, especially, of the Farwest


  1. To increase the certificate level health manpower in the country by producing 40 fully trained registered health assistants and Pharmacy assistants each year from 2007 AD.
  2. To train students adequately in health care and practices using the most skillful and scientific methods to enable them to make critical decisions with regards to the health of people.

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