Arniko International SS/College

Talchikhel, Satdobato, Lalitpur
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Arniko International SS/College was founded in 2010 AD with the goal of addressing the shortage of qualified professionals in the field of education, particularly in Science, Management, and Humanities. Located in Talchikhel, Satdobato, Lalitpur, this college is affiliated with Nepal's National Examination Board (NEB). It is managed by a team of young academicians who possess expertise in teaching, learning, and managerial activities.

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Salient Features

Games and Sports

At Arniko College, they inspire theirr students to actively engage in games and sports, fostering their interest in athletics, enhancing their focus, and nurturing their growth as skilled sports enthusiasts.

Arts and Creativity

Arniko College provides a platform for both college and preschool students to harness the powerful tool of expressing emotions through an artistic approach. They empower their students to explore and experience the transformative potential of art.

Socio-cultural Values

In light of modern technological advancements, the college firmly believes in providing every child with the opportunity to acquire practical, scientific, and technological skills instead of confining their learning to textbook knowledge. They recognize the importance of equipping students with hands-on experience and knowledge of cutting-edge technology.

Science and Technology

While the college equips their students with technical knowledge to prepare them for the future, they also recognize the significance of instilling strong beliefs, values, traditions, and habits that shape their everyday behavior. At Arniko, they strive not only for academic excellence but also for creating a better world by nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.


At Arniko, their vision extends beyond mere academic knowledge, aiming to become a learning institution that encompasses various aspects of education. Their understanding of discipline surpasses the boundaries of the school environment. They impart in their students a deep appreciation for life, career, parents, and all living beings. They guide them in understanding ethics, moral values, and shaping their character to lead a purposeful and meaningful life.


Arniko College emphasizes the development of responsible children who grow into responsible professionals and, ultimately, responsible citizens. They firmly believe in an education that fosters self-accountability, wisdom, and the ability to derive joy from one's journey. Their aim is to equip students with the skills and mindset needed to navigate life responsibly while embracing and enjoying the learning process.

Natural Instnct & Individuality

Recognizing the uniqueness of every child, the college understands that their talents, interests, and challenges are distinct. At Arniko, the management and faculty deeply appreciate the individual traits of each student and assist them in discovering their best versions by nurturing their natural inclinations and passions. They believe in unlocking the full potential of every student through personalized guidance and support.

Soft Skills

In today's real world, practical skills are in high demand, surpassing the importance of theoretical knowledge alone. Arniko College prioritizes the development of skills that cultivate humility, enhance positive energy, and establish a strong foundation for future challenges. Theey believe in equipping students with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence and resilience.

Admission Guidelines

Admission is based on the entrance exam. Students must meet the criteria set by the college.


Plus-two Science

Students securing at least 2.85 GPA in SEE or in an equivalent recognized board with B+ grade each in Science, Compulsory Mathematics, Optional Mathematics, and English will be eligible for the science stream.

Plus-two Management/Humanities/Law

Students securing at least 2.0 GPA in SEE or in an equivalent recognized Board with a C grade in all subjects will be eligible to apply.

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About Us

Arniko Int'l SS/College is committed to equipping its students with both academic and co-curricular excellence. They have implemented a teaching approach that guarantees high-quality education, serves as a practical knowledge hub, and fosters an independent learning ecosystem. With their enthusiastic and devoted team of young faculty members, they are confident in revolutionizing the education system and making significant contributions to the realm of quality education.

Arniko College distinguishes itself from other educational institutions by adopting a proactive student-centric approach in their co-curricular activities that withstands the test of time and relevance. Their teaching methodologies are specifically tailored to equip students with practical and high-quality education. They achieve this by offering customized subjects based on their individual interests, performance, and strengths, ensuring that students are armed with the right tools for success.


Our vision is to be a student-centric learning institution where students discover their natural talents and skills as a part of the learning process.


We understand and respect the fact that not every student needs to sign up for a specific profession. Arniko becomes the perfect place where students scout their talent, skill, and creativity.