Electrical Engineering

Engineering A sub-discipline of Engineering

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the study, design, and implementation of electrical, electronic, and electromagnetism-based equipment, devices, and systems. After the commercialization of the electric telegraph, telephone, and electrical power generation, distribution, and consumption in the latter half of the nineteenth century, it became a distinct occupation.


Computer engineering, systems engineering, power engineering, telecommunications, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, photovoltaic cells, electronics, and optics and photonics are all examples of electrical engineering fields.

Electrical engineers usually have a bachelor's degree in electrical or electronic engineering. Professional certification and membership in a professional association or an international standards organization are required for practicing engineers. 

Electrical engineers work in a wide number of industries, with a wide range of abilities necessary. These include everything from circuit theory to project management skills. Individual engineers may require a wide range of tools and equipment, from a simple voltmeter to sophisticated design and manufacturing software.