Executive MBA

Executive MBA

2 years

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program of Purbanchal University is designed specifically to enhance the career of working business professional, managers and Executives. The Executive MBA (EMBA) of Purbanchal University is a two year program which carries a total of 69 credit hours and is divided into four semesters.The EMBA is usually geared towards professionals who are looking to update the general management skills and prepare themselves to career advancement opportunity.

Executive MBA (EMBA) program is an MBA program that specifically targets working corporate executives and professionals who are willing to improve their business skills and get better exposure in their carrier. The program enables them to study and work towards earnings this business degree while continuing to hold their existing full-time jobs. The schedule of the course is designed flexibly, to help the managers, leaders, executives fulfill their educational needs. Further, the Executive MBA students possess the high level of working experience.

Currently five Business Schools of Nepal offers EMBA program with affiliation from Purbanchal University. 

EMBA program of Purbanchal University enables students to:

  1. Immerse in structured learning experiences facilitated by experienced faculty;
  2. Share ideas with experienced managers from various industries and management disciplines;
  3. Develop management competencies
  4. Develop international mind-set and enrichment through diversity
  5. Learn from periodic assessments through written analyses of cases, exams, and projects



Salient Features

Real world practical learning

With the country presenting abundant business opportunities, the EMBA’s country focused approach helps students to thrive in this booming environment. Students gain the advantage of examining business practices, regulations and culture specific perspectives of various businesses in the country.

Immediate application

Students can take recent learning and apply these within their workplace the very next day. The EMBA’s rigorous system effectively prepares executives for bigger, career-advancing work challenges.


Students can test new ideas, strategies and concepts. It will develop an environment where students drive the discussion-and the classroom becomes a laboratory for teamwork and communication.


Candidates who have completed Bachelor’s degree from any university recognized by the Purbanchal University are eligible to apply for EMBA program. 

The students having an aggregate of 40% or above in Bachelor degree needs to have 2 years job experience in managerial post and those having an aggregate of 60% or above needs or have 1 years of job experience. Eligible candidates must pass the entrance exam inaction, group discussion and interview to get admission.