Chartered Accountancy (CA)
1 year
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CAP-I is a basic course for Chartered Accountancy Course. The duration of CAP - I / Foundation Course is one year. The course has been designed to provide students basic knowledge and skills as part of the entry standard for the professional level.

Salient Features

  • How to apply for admission to CAP - I ?

Registration for the CAP - I Course is opened throughout the year. Student should apply filling up Application Form prescribed by Annexure 1 (Rule - 2061) along with copies of Mark sheet / Transcript and Character Certificate of SLC and 10+2 (PCL), copy of Citizenship or Passport and Receipt of Fee Pad.

Is there any deadline of Registration?

Examination is held twice a year - one in June and the other in December. For appearing in the June examination registration should be done on or before the end of May and on or before end of November for the December examination.

What are the fees for Registration?

Registration fee for CAP - I course is Rs. 25,000/- to be paid at the time of registration along with other applicable fees. However, the registration fee can also be paid on installments. Accordingly, Rs. 12,500 shall be paid at the time of registration and balance amount shall be paid within 30th November for the students registered till 31st May and within 31st May of the next year for the students to be registered till 30th November. The registration fee shall not be refundable and includes cost of Institutes' Study Material, Pre-test exam, Institute's Newsletter and Institute's Journal.


Student completing the higher secondary (10+2) or certificate Level examination from recognized academic institutions can join the CAP - I / Foundation Course. Graduate or Post Graduates who have scored less than 50% in Commerce / Management or less than 60% in any faculty other than Commerce / Management, but remaining ineligible to register directly for the CAP - II / Intermediate Course also can join for CAP - I / Foundation Course.

Candidates who have appeared in 10+2 or final year of equivalent examination but not have result may also register provisionally for CAP - I / Foundation Course. However, such provisional registration shall be confirmed only after satisfactory proof of having passed the said examination within a period of six months from the date of provisional registration.

Failure to comply with this shall result in the cancellation of provisional registration and fees paid for provisional registration shall not be refunded.

Curricular Structure

What are the subjects to be studied?

The CAP - I Course consists of five papers and is divided into three groups. Each group carries 100 marks.

PAPER 1: Fundamentals of Accounting (100 marks)

PAPER 2: Mercantile Laws and Fundamentals of Economics (100 marks)

  • Mercantile Laws (50 marks)
  • Fundamentals of Economics (50 marks) 

PAPER 3: Fundamentals of Management and Commercial Mathematics and Statistics (100 marks)

  • Fundamentals of Management (50 marks)
  • Commercial Mathematics and Statistics (50 marks)