Chartered Accountancy (CA)
3 years

CAP - III is the final stage of Chartered Accountancy Course. The duration of CAP - III / Final Course is three years. This course along with the practical training is basically designed to give the students a deeper insight into advanced level of professional expertise and skills. During the final level course, students should undergo paid articleship training for the period of three years under a practicing Chartered Accountant. 

Salient Features

How to apply for admission to CAP - III / Final Course?

Student should apply with an application form duly filled up in prescribed manner along with a contract of articleship with a Chartered Accountant Member in practice to serve as an articled trainee for practical training. The Articleship Deed shall be duly filled and signed both by the Principal and the Articled Trainee. Beside, the following attested documents also shall be submitted.

  1. Copy of Mark Sheet of Intermediate Examinations
  2. Copy of Certificate of Intermediate Examinations
  3. Receipt of Fee paid.

What are the fees for Registration?

Registration fee for CAP - III / Final course is Rs. 40,900 to be paid at the time of registration along with other applicable fees. However, the registration fee can also be paid on installments. The registration fee shall not be refundable and includes cost of Institutes' Study Material, Pre-test exam, Institute's Newsletter and Institute's Journal.

Accordingly, Rs. 20,900 shall be paid at the time of registration and balance amount shall be paid within one year.


To enroll in the Final Level, a candidate must have:

  1. passed both groups of Intermediate Level Examinations
  2. registered as an articled trainee under a practicing Chartered Accountant by signing an Articleship Deed. It must however be noted that the Articleship Deed must be registered with the Institute within one month from the date of signing the deed.


Curricular Structure

The CAP - III / Final course consists of eight papers, each carrying 100 marks and divided into two groups:

Group I

PAPER 1 : Advanced Financial Reporting

PAPER 2 : Advanced Financial Management

PAPER 3 : Advanced Audit & Assurance

PAPER 4 : Corporate Laws

Group II

PAPER 5 : Management Information & Control System

PAPER 6 : Advanced Taxation

PAPER 7 : Advanced Cost & Management Accounting

PAPER 8 : Strategic Management & Decision Making Analysis


CAP III Syllabus.pdf