Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)

Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)

1 year

ACCA now offers a range of foundation-level qualifications (FIA – Foundations in accountancy) which provide an excellent starting point for those who may wish to pursue a career in accountancy and become a professional accountant but may not meet the entry requirements to start their studies straight away on the ACCA Qualification.

If anyone is a recent school leaver, has no accounting experience, or does not have the required academic standard to begin ACCA then they should start on the FIA route.

The FIA Qualification consists of three modules and a Foundation in Professionalism.

  • FMA- Management Accounting
  • FAB- Accountant in Business
  • FFA- Financial Accounting

If someone studies for any Foundation-level qualifications and want a certificate as proof of the exams that they have completed, then he/she is also required to complete Foundations in Professionalism. This is an online, interactive module, designed to help students develop their understanding of what it means to act professionally and ethically in the work they carry out.

The candidate can complete Foundations in Professionalism before or after completing the exam component of the qualification that he/she is aiming to achieve and will only need to successfully complete the module once, even if a decision is made to complete one or more qualifications.

Once a student completes FIA, he/she will be awarded with Diploma in Accounting and Business Qualification from ACCA, UK.

Salient Features

Foundations in Accountancy offers various entry points, allowing maximum flexibility  to select the most appropriate entry route and progression to additional qualifications, based on previous qualifications, experience and future career aspirations. 


Students with Grade 10 or Grade 12 qualifications are eligible for Foundation in Accountancy (FIA).

Once you have completed the exam portion of the Diploma, you'll be eligible to transfer to the ACCA Qualification with exemptions from our Applied Knowledge exams.

In order to receive the Foundation Diploma - a qualification recognised by local education authorities - you simply need to undertake the exams and also take our Foundations in Professionalism module.

You can even do this once you have transferred to the ACCA qualification, provided you have completed all of the necessary exams.