National People College

Kanchanpur-8, Saptari, Kanchanrup, Saptari

Affiliated with Tribhuvan University was founded in 2012 AD by a group of academics, social activists, eminent professionals, business owners, and dynamic people with the goal of providing top-notch graduate and postgraduate level education and developing globally competitive professionals to compete with all opportunities in the modern world.


National People College was founded with the intention of stressing collaborative and competitive learning where physical, socioeconomic, and geographic borders will vanish to make way for the worldwide market and global pool of expert professionals. Through an international study program, the college hopes to give its students a chance that is genuinely one of a kind to join a dynamic and alive intellectual community.

The college has state-of-the-art facilities, a competent and seasoned administrative staff, and incredibly committed faculty members who are all working toward creating an amazing learning environment.


  • To work as a leading academic institution in applied engineering, science, management, and humanities with a view of exchanging opinions/perspectives among professional academicians and entrepreneurs.
  • To develop professional institutional networks with renowned institutions globally for academic exchange and shared learning.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, and inspirational and carrier-oriented speeches by national and international experts and lecturers to encourage academicians for the overall development of their carrier.
  • To cater to the increasing requirement of the fast-changing global environment through the supply of global professionals.


To be the center for excellence and widely recognized academia where educational professionals and students can flourish their potentiality from all over the world, regardless of socio-economic, cultural, and geographical background to become global professionals who can overcome every complexity of the modern world.


Salient Features

Scholarship Facility

The scholarship will be provided as per the rules of the representative universities. Additionally, the college will offer full and partial scholarships to deserving students.

Library and Book Store

The library is well-equipped and has a quiet reading space. It contains a variety of reference books and other literature depending on the student's interests. The library is well-stocked with a wide range of literary books, subjective books and periodicals, journals, and electronic journals. The library is a silent zone.

Fields Trips

The college intends to organize trips to a variety of noteworthy locations both inside and beyond the nation, including historical, religious, corporate, and other locations.

Cultural Programs and Sports

The college aims to assist students to discover their latent talents by giving them opportunities to compete in sports and cultural events at the national and international levels. Students will receive financial aid from the college.

Extra-curricular Activities

Activities such as exhibitions, mini-research projects, leadership development training, computer programming, workshops, seminars, presentations, career counseling, entrepreneurship development, personality development, and public speaking are used to strengthen knowledge acquired through theoretical learning in the classroom.

Audio & Visual Presentation and Learning

The college has an audio-visual teaching method available. There will be some audio-visual presentations, for which the institution has organized audio-visual resources such a projector, laptops, a presenting space, speakers, and more. With this cutting-edge audio-visual teaching and learning methodology, we hope to make studying easier for our beloved students because we believe it to be the most effective technique of learning.


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