Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

4 years

Four-Years Bachelors Course in Psychology consists of seven major papers .These are foundational and core courses. The major psychology students have to study these papers. In addition, there is one elective course which can be selected by other than Psychology major students. Psychology courses are offered during the four-years of academic session. 


The objectives of Four-Years Bachelors Course in psychology are to acquaint the students with the theories, approaches and processes of basic psychology and to familiarize them with psychological science in both academic and applied areas. Some of the offered psychology courses. viz. Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Psychosocial Counseling intend to equip the students with the knowledge of some basic skills of helping profession and application of theories of basic human behavior. Along with the theories and practices, students will also be acquainted with research methods in Psychology. It is expected that the course will provide knowledge and professional skills in Psychology. 


Students are required to have completed their Intermediate or equivalent qualifications in any discipline with good marks.

Job Prospects

What can I do with a Psychology major?

  • Counselors: Grief counselors, career counselors, school counselors.
  • Therapists: Cognitive-behavioral therapist, Creative arts therapist, Marriage and family therapist
  • Psychologists: Clinical, Industrial-organizational, Forensic, Licensed school psychologists, Neuropsychologists.
  • Social Worker: Child and family social worker, Licensed clinical social worker, School social worker.
  • Others: Customer service, Executive coaching, Human resources manager, Organizational director, Probation officer, Education teacher

Curricular Structure

Students are required to take Compulsory English in the first and the third years and Compulsory Nepali in the second year. University offers Alternative English in the second year for International students as an alternative to Compulsory Nepali.

Compulsory Subjects:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

C.Eng.401 Reading and Writing in English

C.Nep.402 Compulsory Nepali

C. Eng.403 Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines


Alt. Eng. 402 Alternative English

Curriculum Structure of BA of Psychology

First Year 

  • Psy 421 Introduction to Psychology
  • Psy 422 Social Psychology

Second Year

  • Psy 423 Adolescence and Juvenile Delinquency 
  • Psy 424 Abnormal Psychology 

Third Year 

  • Psy 425 Psychosocial Counseling
  • Psy 410 Elective-General Psychology 

Fourth Year 

  • Psy 426 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Psy 427 Research Methods and Academic Writing 

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