Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Science

Solteemode, Kathmandu
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Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education Scholarships Quota (For the academic year 2074/75).

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B.Sc Pharmacy


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Manmohan Memorial Institure of Health Sciences (MMIHS) is an academic institute of applied sciences run under the umbrella of Nepal Health Care Cooperative limited (NEHCO). The Institute is committed to provide the practical and real life based education. The MMIHS is put up by a group of academicians, researchers, industrialists and prominent professional with extensive exposure to a wide range of knowledge, experience and teaching/learning practices. It is committed towards the excellence and innovation in imparting high quality health education for Nepalese youth and international community. Apart from this, MMIHS aims to provide high end health service facilitating with modern medical technology with the reach of all Nepalese citizens.

In line with national and international thinking of Center of Excellence in health education, health service delivery and health research, MMIHS is committed to involve itself through enhanced partnership with local, national and international rights/stakeholders.

MMIHS believes that the triangulation of education, services and research will help develop the technically component, socially accepted and internationally recognized professional, educators and researches. Though it technically renowned and professionally committed faculty members, MMIHS is stanched to support government of Nepal to achieve its national and international commitments in health and education sector.


Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences (MMIHS) envisions to ensure the quality of life of the Nepalese people through the provision of quality health education and health services.


Promote the quality health education through the equity in service delivery, social inclusion in health program planning and health service utilization, and production of competent human resources including marginalize groups and remote areas of Nepal.


Develop MMIHS as a A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE through education, research and services. MMIHS seeks to prepare socially responsible and technically competent health professionals in the society. Its aim is to produce innovative professionals with good attitude to serve the patients and communities at large with head, hands and heart. Its special characteristics is the wide range of activities that it provides with the idea of developing a full personality and to bring out talents of the students for developing own benefit and that of society as a whole.


  • Train health professionals with full exposure at the implementation level and fundamental theoretical knowledge.
  • Provide students a wide range of resources on subject matter required for quality education that combines effective skills as well as high level of confidence
  • Prepare high quality human resources for health who could take a lead in planning, organizing delivering, and evaluating health policy and health care services within the country and in the globe
  • Practice and facilitate linkages with national and international academic and research institutions and prepare students for higher education in the field of pharmacy, nursing, public health, and other health related sectors
  • Organize the national level campaigns to support the Governments care policy and other national and international commitments and impart academic services.
  • Conduct clinical, participatory and community based research related to pharmacy, nursing, public health, medicine and bio medical sciences


Contact Address

Mana Mohan Memorial Institute of Health SciencesNakhkhu-4, Lalitpur, Kathmandu