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Established in 1998, the College of Applied Business and Technology is located in Gangahity, Dhobikhola, Kathmandu and affiliated to Tribhuvan University. 

Salient Features

Fully Furnished Computer Labs

At College of Applied Business & Technology, there are two fully furnished computer labs equipped with high-performance computers. These labs are interlinked, allowing students to work together and share resources. The labs provide a comfortable and conducive environment for students to develop their computer skills and complete their coursework.

Weekly Field Visits and Presentations

At the College of Applied Business & Technology, the Weekly Presentation & Field program is designed to provide students with practical experience, networking opportunities, and the chance to enhance their communication skills. This program spans six days, with industry visits taking place on Mondays and student presentations on Thursdays.

A Well-equipped Library

At the College of Applied Business & Technology(CAB-Tech), there is a reference library available to students, which is well-equipped with a large number of course books, journals, and research reports. This library offers students access to diverse information resources that they can use in their academic pursuits.

Semester Seminar

Semester Seminar is a dynamic initiative designed to empower students in the BBA and BIM programs right from the beginning of their academic journey. It is a platform where early-semester students actively engage and participate, laying the foundation for a proactive approach to learning throughout their college experience and beyond.

Sports and Cultural Programs

The college offers a wide range of sports like basketball, volleyball, and more, promoting fitness and teamwork. It also hosts cultural programs, encouraging artistic expression and celebrating diversity, enriching students' overall college experience.

Student Organisations

Student Welfare & Counselling at CAB-Tech College offers an integrated experience for students, fostering enrichment in their college life. It provides a platform for students to actively engage with campus activities and organizations, enhancing their overall college experience. Additionally, the Student Council allows students to have a voice in shaping their academic programs through representation, ensuring their needs and perspectives are considered in college decision-making processes.

Effective Methodology

CAB-Tech employs a distinct method to encourage student engagement. The college adopts a two-hour teaching session, where one hour is dedicated to teaching and the following hour is allocated for discussions as part of the teaching process.

Value-added Course for IT Course

At CAB-Tech, students learn important things like how to work well with others and present themselves confidently. They also learn practical skills like Java, Python, and more for IT jobs. These worldly skills for IT students help them join the competitive market.

Early Research Work

The College always focuses on helping students learn how to do research from the beginning. They guide students and get them involved in research projects early on. This helps students learn important research skills and also gets them used to doing research regularly. The college's dedication to involving students in research from the start really helps them do better in their studies and become smarter overall.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures serve to enhance the curriculum and offer a chance to encounter real-life scenarios, acquainting students with contemporary developments and methods in the realms of Management and Economics. Seminars, led by seasoned managers, officials, and researchers, are organized to ensure students' exposure to these insights, and their attendance is mandatory.

Yearly Hiking Adventure

Participating in extracurricular pursuits, like venturing on day-long hikes to enchanting nearby destinations, injects a refreshing vibrancy into the often rigorous academic schedule. These annual hiking adventures encourage students to fully engage with the picturesque rural landscapes.

Admission Guidelines

Your journey at CAB-Tech begins with counseling and guidance to ensure a smooth transition. Here are the steps:

  1. Take the TU CMAT/IOST entrance exam.
  2. If you want to be a part of CAB-TECH, just grab the application form for the undergraduate program and fill it out.
  3. Attend entrance tests and interviews, along with your guardians or parents.
  4. Successfully pass the interview.
  5. Prepare for your enriching CAB-Tech experience.

Eligibility for Admission


Eligibility for admission in BIM is a minimum C+ (2.20 GPA) or 55% marks in aggregate in Plus-Two in Management or equivalent in any other discipline, where a student has taken a minimum of 100 full marks in English and Economics or Mathematics.


Eligibility for admission in BBA is a minimum B (2.41 GPA) or 60% marks in aggregate in Plus-Two in management or equivalent in any other discipline having taken Business Mathematics as a compulsory requirement.


Eligibility for admission in BSc.CSIT is a minimum C+ (2.20 GPA) or 55% marks in aggregate in Plus-Two in Science or equivalent in science.

Fee Structure

To find out about the fees, you can either visit the college website or get in touch with the college directly for more details.


4 Years' Scholarships at the Entry Level

  1. Founder Chairman Late Hari Bhakta Shrestha, National Chair BBA Full Scholarship - 1
  2. Founder Vice-Chairman Mr. Mohan 8. Pandey B.Sc. CSIT Full Scholarship - 1
  3. Founder Trustee Mr. Tribendra Raj Pant BIM Full Scholarship - 1
  4. Founder Principal Mr. Ramesh Pandey BBA Half Scholarship - 1

Students receiving these scholarships shall have to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.70 (75% for B.Sc. CSIT) in all respective semester examinations. Also, should be prepared to work voluntarily for four hours a week in a designated department/s. The scholarship will be awarded to students enrolled at CAB and the subsequent entrance examination appeared from CAB only (such as CMAT/IOST Entrance). For further inquiries, students are advised to contact Front Desk

TU Scholarship

Every student with a Government/Community school admitted at CAB-Tech is eligible for this scholarship, but the first priority will be given to those who appear entrance examination (CMAT/IOST) from CAB-Tech.

Regular Meritorious Scholarships

CAB Scholarship

One scholarship in each level for a year covering monthly tuition fees will be awarded for securing the highest marks, above 70% in first-term examinations in BBS's first year. The recipient of the scholarship may apply for a refund of tuition fees already paid.

Principal's I Scholarship

One scholarship covering the full tuition fee in each level for a year is available for the students securing the highest marks above 65% in the BBS first-year examination. Likewise, one scholarship is awarded for the second semester to the student securing the highest grade above SGPA 3.7 in the first semester in BIM and BBA, and above 75% in the first semester in B. Sc. CSIT. However, students getting such scholarships must pass with at least 70% in all the tests, including unit tests for the scholarship to continue. Likewise, such a scholarship will be awarded to the student who secures the highest marks in other every subsequent semester up to the seventh semester.

In addition to the above-mentioned provision, the following scholarships will also be awarded for a class having at least twenty-five students

Principal's II Scholarship

One scholarship covering half the tuition fee for the student securing the second highest marks, above 65%, in the BBS examination, and to one student securing second highest grade above SGPA 3.7 in the first semester in BIM and BBA, and above 75% in the first semester in B. Sc. CSIT. Likewise, scholarships will be awarded to the student securing second highest marks in other every subsequent semester up to seventh semester.

Principal's III and IV Scholarships

Two scholarships covering 25% tuition fee for the students securing third and fourth highest marks, above 65 %, in B85 examination, and to two students securing second highest grade above SGPA 3.7 in the first semester in BIM and BBA, and above 75% in the first semester in 8. Sc. CSIT. Likewise, scholarships will be awarded to the students securing the third and fourth highest marks in others every subsequent semester up to the seventh semester.

Students getting such scholarship/s must pass all tests, including unit tests, and work on all seminars for the scholarship to continue.


  • Best B-School of Nepal (BBS)

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The College of Applied Business and Technology, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, is a renowned educational institution located in Gangahity, Chabahil, Kathmandu. It was founded in 1998 by a group of academic experts, which aims to provide a quality education at an affordable fee that helps students face the challenges of the market.

The college offers various courses at the bachelor level focusing on programs such as Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc.CSIT). It is renowned for its unique teaching methodology, featuring 2-hour classes where one hour is dedicated to self-learning and engaging discussions that encourage student research and dialogue.

In addition, the college offers practical exposure through field visits on Mondays and presentations on Thursdays, enhancing students' hands-on experience.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ramesh Pandey, who is the college principal, College of Applied Business and Technology has grown its programs over the years. They started with the BBS program and later added the BIM course after three years. In 2003, they also introduced the popular BBA program.

In 2011, the college expanded its offerings again by adding the BSc.CSIT program, which shows that the college is dedicated to providing education in different and vital fields of study. Right now, the college offers three programs: BBA, BIM, and BSc.CSIT.

The college regularly organizes seminars, research, and observation tours which help the individuals enhance their knowledge and personality. Currently, the College of Applied Business has signed the TCA (Transfer Credit Agreement) with State University of New York (SUNY) which provides a new opportunity to its students who desire to transfer to The State University of New York at Plattsburgh to get US education up to 60 Cr/Hr

Furthermore, the College of Applied Business and Technology emphasizes the importance of extracurricular activities to enhance students' skills in various areas. These activities help foster a well-rounded education, preparing students for a successful career and contribution on both national and international scales. Graduates from the College of Applied Business & Technology have made significant contributions in their respective fields globally, showcasing the effectiveness of the college's programs and the quality of education they provide.


The mission of College of Applied Business is to empower the youth with truth, knowledge and realities of life and help discover ways to lead a prosperous life in a dignified manner.


  • Making students feel that they share the values and responsibilities in educational process as members of the learner community.
  • Encouraging admission on an equal opportunity basis to competent students motivated to strive for academic excellence.
  • Fostering an environment sensitive to the needs of all students and providing facilities that assist students in achieving academic and professional excellence. 
  • Providing instructions and conducting research in the areas of business, management and professional field.

Message from the Principal

Ramesh Pandey

Since its establishment, the College of Applied Business & Technology has emphasized these values and adopted a different pedology to build their personalities. Research, seminars, and industrial tours were made mandatory in courses prescribed by TU. Furthermore, additional mathematics courses and English for improving written analysis and communications (WAAC) were introduced.

CAB-Tech, in this process, has moved further to make teaching-learning less burdensome and full of leisure. CAB-Tech students these days do not have to learn five subjects in a class every day like most colleges have to. CAB-Tech students at the most have to take three subjects in a day of two hours duration for two days and two courses of two hours duration for another two days.  To make it simple they shall have classes only for four days in a week. Classes at CAB-Tech are interactive and teachers play the Role of facilitators. This arrangement at CAB-Tech would provide students with enough leisure, which they could use either for hobbies or earning money to support their studies and earn experience if they aspire to study abroad after graduation.

To provide early experiences of research CAB-Tech has designed mandatory research works from the very beginning of their first semester classes, which gradually would continue till their fifth semester and a final research report would be ready for publication. By this time, they would be working under the guidance of two or more supervisors. Students would produce one more research work simultaneously while learning Research Methodology in the sixth semester and that would also be published. Students would have the added advantages of two more research publications 

Some professional courses as noncredit courses also referred to as extra professional courses have been designed for students opting for IT courses from the beginning of their first semester class. Three such courses would make it easy to handle their project work or help them to earn the money needed for their study.

CAB-Tech realizes the value of interpersonal communication and the art of mass communication in this competitive environment and has made weekly presentations mandatory and regular for all students. They would be sent to the field works on every Monday and interactions with at least ten respondents have been made mandatory. On Thursday, their findings would be presented in the class, evaluation of which would be done by the subject teacher and externals. 

Studying at CAB-Tech would be a pleasure and the chances of building personality with depth knowledge for all +2 graduates aspiring for higher studies with learning passions.
All these elements which are presented to enthusiastic students will not only help them in achieving their academic goals but also to shape their better future by enhancing their daily life skills. Intermingling with these terms indeed makes a student a better as well as a successful person.

Ramesh Pandey