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B.Sc.CSIT stands as a recent addition to CAB's repertoire, catering to students who have specialized in Science during their Plus Two or PCL education, or an equivalent qualification. This four-year (eight-semester) program is accredited by the Institute of Science and Technology at Tribhuvan University and offers a highly competitive degree in Information Technology. Upon completing this program, students enjoy a threefold avenue for advancing their careers through higher education: M.Sc. Computer Science, Master of Information Technology, and MBA. B.Sc. CSIT positions its graduates on par with those pursuing Computer Engineering, reflecting its robust educational quality. Notably, many of our students have excelled, earning Distinction and securing full scholarships for their M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies in esteemed institutions across the United States and other international venues.

This undergraduate course mandates the completion of 126 credit hours, inclusive of a three-month internship at an organization and a subsequent internship report. The program also incorporates consistent elements of project work and fieldwork.

CAB remains dedicated to exploring novel avenues of opportunity. B.Sc. CSIT serves as a pivotal program that doubly benefits students by offering an affordable pathway, which includes the attainment of an Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering. With its national and international promise, B.Sc. CSIT is a degree program poised for exceptional prospects.

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