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CAB presents a comprehensive four-year (eight-semester) undergraduate program in Information Technology through affiliation with Tribhuvan University. The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program merges Management education with contemporary Information Technology advancements, creating an integrated educational experience.

CAB has assumed a pioneering role among affiliated institutions of Tribhuvan University by actively spearheading changes in teaching methodologies. These adaptations in instructional approaches have facilitated the effective implementation of the BIM program and have yielded substantial benefits for CAB. Notably, the academic achievements of BIM students at CAB have consistently outperformed those of their counterparts in similar institutions under TU.

Moreover, considering the escalating demand for IT professionals globally, graduates of this program are presented with compelling prospects for establishing a robust professional career. Upon completing the BIM program, students gain the opportunity to pursue Master's degrees in Business Management or Information Technology at esteemed universities worldwide.

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