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BBA represents a standard four-year (eight semesters) curriculum offered by Tribhuvan University (TU). It offers a comprehensive, multifaceted education spanning Business, Economics, and Information Technology, tailored to equip students for essential mid-level leadership roles across both domestic and international sectors within the economy. Geared toward undergraduate business education, this program facilitates experiential learning, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

CAB places a firm emphasis on achieving academic distinction, consistently pursuing enhancements in the learning experience. This approach motivates students to cultivate a spectrum of skills, encompassing knowledge, technical proficiency, interpersonal adeptness, and practical acumen essential for managerial decision-making.

CAB stands as an emblem of excellence in the field of Management education. This distinction has been forged through an array of academic endeavors, yielding substantial benefits for both CAB and its students. The university's results exhibit near-perfect success rates, with a notable highlight being the recurring placement of CAB students in top-ranking positions. Notably, CAB's BBA graduates have repeatedly secured the top positions not only in various universities such as TU, PU, and Pokhara at the master's level, but also in foreign institutions.

Leveraging a wealth of experience accrued through semester-based programs, CAB has seamlessly integrated these with regular seminars, project initiatives, and, significantly, opportunities for interaction with local and global luminaries in fields spanning finance, economics, sociology, and psychology. This amalgamation aims to relentlessly pursue academic excellence.

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