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Exploring Ten Plus Two (+2) Streams in Nepal

Seerat Pradhan

April 15, 2024
Last updated May 08, 2024
Exploring Ten Plus Two (+2) Streams in Nepal
KMC Lalitpur

Now that you've successfully cleared your Secondary Education Examination (SEE), you're faced with the important decision of choosing your next academic endeavor from among Plus Two, A Levels, and Diploma programs. In this blog, we'll delve into the diverse array of streams awaiting students who decide to embark on the Plus Two pathway as their next educational venture.

The transition from Secondary School to Higher Secondary School signifies a huge milestone for Nepalese students, marking a pivotal juncture in their academic journey. Selecting the right subjects for Plus Two education holds profound importance, serving as the cornerstone for future academic and professional endeavors.

In Nepal, Plus Two, also known as 10+2, represents the intermediate level of education. Serving as a bridge between secondary and higher education, Plus Two equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue their academic and career goals. This phase of education empowers students to select specializations tailored to their interests, providing them with a foundation to develop skills essential for their future endeavors.

Ten Plus Two (+2) Science

Opting for Plus Two in Science is ideal for students aspiring to pursue careers in Science, Technology, and associated disciplines, granting them eligibility for various fields such as Medicine, Engineering, and both theoretical and applied natural sciences. Divided into specialized groups including Computer, Physics, and Biology, Plus Two in Science offers an integrated curriculum covering Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

This program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and skillset suitable for advanced studies in technology, medicine, engineering, and biotechnology. Geared towards students with a strong inclination towards science and mathematics, the program focuses on fostering a solid foundation, ultimately enabling graduates to pursue further studies in medicine, engineering, or other science-related fields.

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Ten Plus Two (+2) Management

Most students opt for Plus Two in Management as it aims to establish a robust groundwork in management studies. Through this course, students develop competence, confidence, and academic proficiency in their chosen field, enabling them to explore different aspects of business management for their undergraduate studies. The faculty offers a curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical insights in Business Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, and Travel and Tourism Management.

The program's objective is to provide students with fundamental knowledge in management, serving as a precursor to advanced studies in management. Students are introduced to key concepts and elementary skills in areas such as general management, accountancy, finance, office practices, and marketing, preparing them for junior-level management roles upon completion.

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Ten Plus Two (+2) Humanities

Plus Two in Humanities stands as an introductory course tailored for students aiming to pursue undergraduate studies in fields such as Mass Communication, Sociology, English, and related disciplines. This two-year program offers a comprehensive foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences, encompassing diverse subjects like Language Studies, Mass Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Marketing/Business Mathematics, and Contemporary Society.

Despite its enriching curriculum, enrollment in Grade XI Humanities has been declining annually, possibly influenced by considerations of future career prospects and individual interests. There's a growing consensus that the Humanities curriculum needs rejuvenation to align with present-day demands and appeal to today's students effectively.

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Teen Plus Two (+2) Law

The Ten Plus Two (+2) Law program, administered by the National Examination Board (NEB), spans a two-year duration and serves as a crucial stepping stone for individuals aspiring to enter the administrative or legal sectors. Law is a highly sought-after field, both domestically and internationally, renowned for its capacity to catalyze societal transformation and facilitate access to justice.

This program holds tremendous appeal due to its promising career opportunities, a trend observed not only in Nepal but also globally. Nepal's legal landscape has evolved significantly over time, transitioning from uncodified to codified laws, and from monarchical to republican governance, culminating in the recent implementation of updated criminal and civil codes in 2075.

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Ten Plus Two (+2) Education

The Ten Plus Two (10+2) Education course serves as the cornerstone of teacher education at the Lower Secondary Level, aiming to provide aspiring educators with a comprehensive foundation. Designed to foster a deep understanding of various educational dimensions, the curriculum covers essential topics such as educational background, development, and the overarching functions of education. Students delve into the intricacies of education as a system, exploring key figures in the field, curriculum design, educational administration, modern educational trends, guidance and counseling, and the unique educational landscape of Nepal.

Through this course, future teachers gain insight into the interrelated factors shaping Nepal's educational system, while also honing their leadership and counseling skills for diverse professional settings. Contrary to popular belief, pursuing Education doesn't confine one to a teaching career; rather, it equips individuals to assume leadership roles across different sectors. Armed with a deep understanding of national educational dynamics, graduates can contribute as policy advisors, project leaders, and managers, spanning regions and collaborating with national and international educational organizations.

Thus, Education emerges as a multifaceted discipline with vast potential beyond traditional teaching roles, challenging misconceptions and offering diverse avenues for professional growth and societal impact.

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