Whitefield Secondary School



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Whitefield Secondary School is located Chhetrapati, Kathmandu. It offers +2 courses in three streams: Humanities, Management and Science with affiliations from National Examination Board. 

Whitefield is a co-educational sister institution functioning under the management of Raktakali Education Foundation (REF), which has successfully completed three decades in imparting quality and scientific education to the children of diverse background. Since the foundation in 2037 B.S, it has been continuously making substantial contribution to education sector in Nepal.

The school instills knowledge and skills, to propagate good culture, character and behavior in students in a potent way. It inculcates and develops philanthropic notion in their growing minds by engaging them in various social activities within and outside the school. 

Whitefield Secondary School also make them independent and develop curiosity of knowing the unknown by assigning them various research oriented activities and project works, thereby instilling leadership quality in them.

REF has adopted modern teaching learning methodology with student centered approach of conducting classes. Teaching learning activities are carried out under qualified and experienced faculty members with the use of necessary audio visual aids. Series of lectures and tutorials are the regular processes through which the students can get the expected level of knowledge of the subjects in a devised time. 

Regular internal assessment tests will be routinely conducted to find out the strengths and weakness of the students so that remedial teaching can be carried out to enhance individual potentiality. This will prepare all the students, even the low ability students for the final examinations.

In addition, Whitefield Secondary School has taken the modern approach to teaching, which is pedagogically viable. Quality education at affordable fee is the long-standing hunt of most of the students. The quality education fee is the prime feature of the school in this excessively competitive world.

The college has been seriously devoted with good leadership, impressive communication and effective management. Collective efforts of the parents, students, faculties and the college management have equal share in the career-building of any student. Whitefield College wishes to develop the nation through the development of competence, dynamism and creativity to our enrolled.

Whitefield Secondary School works for the development of each and every student. Its highly dedicated determined teaching and non-teaching staff intensively work for the proportionate development of all the enrolled.

The main objective is to make students able to pursue their study uniquely, research brilliantly, interact sufficiently and enhance multicultural knowledge. The Whitefield Secondary School is dedicated to produce and maintain controlled behavior, student-oriented teaching and proper discipline for effective and fruitful teaching. 

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