Well-known Academy

Pokhara Lekhnath - 15, Pokhara




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  1. Description

Well-known Academy is located in Pokhara Lekhnath - 15.  It is one of the leading community basis institution in the valley of Pokhara, is constantly serving the local people by producing practical citizens. It was established in 2006 A.D.

The primary focus of Well-known Academy is on the academic achievement of its students. The accumulated experience and understanding of the needs of students has led the school to develop an approach to teaching and learning which gives them the best opportunity to realize their academic potential. 

Well-known Academy selects the teaching methodology, resources and learning activities that allow each student in each class to extend their learning. It gives students challenges but achievable targets, and monitor their progress carefully. To make sure students are working effectively, it provide extensive personal and academic support, including counselling sessions for all students who need it.

Education is much more than grades, so the school believes that students should develop personally as well as intellectually. It conducts programs of extra-curricular activities that encourage students to participate in sports and recreational pastimes, as well as outreach activities which help promote a strong sense of social responsibility.

Well-known Academy always encourages students to be engaged, active and individual. Students learn and practice mutual respect and consideration for others, and to value diverse cultural and social traditions. The students at the school are taught to be welcoming and inclusive. The school has maintained a warm and friendly atmosphere.