Pathibhara Himalayan Polytechnic Institute

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Pathibhara Himalyan Polytechnic Institute (P) Ltd.(Pathibhara ) came into existence after the realization of the fact that there is gap between Demand and supply of technical human resources in labor market and not focusing on Placement of graduate. , Most of the training providers are focusing on Skill and knowledge deliveration without assessing the participant /student socio- economic condition. And there is no any structure for market research in regular basic to identify the demand and supply of Market.

Pathibhara is a private technical and vocational training and employment service center which has been established in early year of 2008 ( Initiatilly it was known as Pathibhara Polytechinic Institute) with social responsibility by aiming to produce compatible , professionally sound and skilled graduate as per the market demand.

The founder of this organization was in TEVT sector promotion project which was funded by swiss agency for development and cooperation. After the long experiences of project implementation and exposure of different national and international labor market that force to establish the model training and employment service center in out of Kathmandu valley.which is now known as 

Pathibhara is a ground breaking Skill Development Delivery Organization backed up by its experience in skill based research. Over the years it has firmly established itself as a much sought after Service provider in the TEVT sector. Its clients is diverse, which includes the Nepalese Private Sector, Overseas Placement Agencies and the Donor Sector respectively, not to mention the various agencies within the government sector. The core staff constituting of time tested training professionals are highly trained in their respective fields and besides their acumen as trainers, they have established them selves as consulting professionals as well.

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