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Little Angels' Secondary School

Hattiban, Lalitpur

1 - 10


Little Angels’ School is a highly esteemed institution that has established itself as a leader in the field of education with a commitment to inspiring and transforming young minds. From its humble beginnings in 1981 as a small school with 65 day scholars in a rented house, it has grown to become the largest private school spread across 350 ropanis of land in a peaceful setting, equipped with exceptional facilities and experienced faculty who foster academic excellence. The school has expanded over the years and has touched the lives of numerous students, encouraging personal and academic growth through collaborative and student-centered methods in a dynamic environment.

The school's reputation for providing quality education and a personal touch has led to a rapid expansion in demand. In 1990, the first batch of SLC students excelled in academics, and each passing year brought more accolades and rewarding moments. The 1990s saw the school embark on an ambitious program to build one of the largest and most sophisticated school premises with modern amenities for premium education. The construction of the sprawling campus in the serene and idyllic Hattiban location began in 1995, providing an ideal environment for a truly fulfilling learning experience.

The school's infrastructure, innovative approach to education, child-centered mode of teaching, modern teaching aids, hi-tech computer labs, student support services, and assimilation of extracurricular activities as an integral part of daily activities are among the features that place it on par with global institutions. The school is committed to ensuring that its students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed on a global level.

Salient Features


A versatile and well-equipped auditorium with high-quality lighting and sound that can accommodate up to 500 people. The space is used for celebrations, assemblies, award ceremonies, sports, and drama, and there are additional halls for performance arts and extracurricular activities. The school hosts numerous annual events that celebrate creativity and art, and students have access to separate halls for dance, painting, martial arts, and instrumental and vocal practice.


The School provides great, wholesome, and tasty food options in its three cafeterias, catering to a variety of tastes. The dining areas are clean and well-ventilated, and all cafeterias comply with good hygienic food standards. Each cafeteria serves nutritious and hygienic meals that are regularly monitored by the Quality Control Team (QCT) to ensure freshness and quality. The QCT also ensures that premium quality ingredients are used, hygiene and sanitation standards are maintained, and clean drinking water and a limited number of healthy beverages are available.


Little Angels' School has a spacious and well-equipped library with an impressive collection of books from various genres. From academic research to classic novels and inspiring autobiographies, there is something for every book lover. The school encourages students to explore beyond the prescribed curriculum and to develop their analytical and critical skills through reading.

School Infirmary

Primary medical care is provided to all students with a well-equipped infirmary and sick room located on the premises. The school is easily accessible and in close proximity to reliable hospitals, with standby vehicles available for emergencies, providing a safe haven for students. Qualified health professionals are always present to ensure a healthy and safe environment, improving attendance, reducing absenteeism, and promoting higher grades.

Counseling Desk

Little Angels’ School provides counseling services to students as an essential part of their academic and personal development. The school counselor works towards each student's success and growth by addressing academic, behavioral, and social concerns. The Counseling Desk offers both individual and group counseling to help students with personal and interpersonal issues, and to improve study habits, time management, and moral attitudes.

Excellent Teaching Faculty

LA believes that exceptional teachers cultivate exceptional students. The school's focus on a learner-centered approach is reflected in the quality of its teachers, who possess the necessary academic qualifications, expertise, and experience. Through innovative and inspiring teaching methods, LAS promotes active student participation, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The LAS teaching team celebrates each student's individuality, encourages excellence, and fosters the growth of student skills and talents.

A Caring Environment

LA believes that a caring and supportive school environment plays a significant role in students' academic success. The school community fosters a nurturing environment that supports students' learning, social, emotional, and ethical growth. This environment cultivates student engagement, a sense of belonging, the development of social skills, and encourages contributions to the school and the community. As a result, students achieve high levels of academic success and outstanding performance.

Sports Facilities

Sports play a vital role in the holistic development of students at LA. The school offers state-of-the-art facilities and nationally acclaimed coaches to help students excel in a wide range of sports. With facilities such as football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and a swimming pool, as well as indoor activities like badminton, table tennis, and martial arts, there is something for every student to enjoy and excel at.


LAS offers extracurricular activities including sports, art clubs, leadership programs like SQC, Scouts, and Guides, and a writing platform "The Bud". They host frequent events like sports, competitions, parties, and campaigns. These activities help students develop social skills and provide a break from routine. The currently offered sports are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Martial Arts
  • Swimming (only in summer)
  • Gymnasium

Participating in performing arts at school helps students develop their creativity, communication, language, and leadership skills in unique ways that promote individualism. Performance Arts available are:

  • Arts and Drawing
  • Music (Instrumental and Vocal)
  • Dance Competition
  • Singing Competitions
  • Talent Show/Hunt
  • Poetry Recitation

Admission Guidelines

Admission opens in the month of Chaitra from Kindergarten to Class VI. Interested students need to complete the Admission Procedures in order to get admission. Students are selected based on their written examination followed by parents/guardians’ interviews.

Document Required for Enrollment

  • 2 copies of passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of the birth certificate
  • Photocopy of the latest result
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school


Merit and need-based scholarships are awarded to deserving students.


Little Angels College
Little Angels College
  • Hatiiban, Lalitpur