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Since its inception in 1997 Little Angel's College (LAC) has been firmly accepted by the society as one of the best-organized and facilitated educational institutions in the country. In every country the educational institutions whether public or private are regarded as important agencies in the determination of the attitudes of the young generation who will lead the country in future.

One of the distinctive features in LAC is to focus on identifying student’s talent and thus create a contributory environment where they are influenced to work independently to excel their performance. In fact, to vitalize the spirits of the best performers, last year we introduced National Scholarship Scheme in which 35 students from different parts of the country were given opportunity to benefit from the scheme. These activities in LAC clearly signify that “Quality is an attitude in LAC”. In the wide spread concept of globalization, the present young generation has to face the challenges of stiff competitions in any professional endeavor. The best of the bests sonly will be offered commanding positions in the professional arena.

The best professional and experienced teachers are the strength of LAC’s faculty. In LAC teaching is a cooperative effort. Teachers and students cooperate in this task. Teachers, apart from their classroom teaching, guide and motivate their students to be mentally balanced and spiritually befitting so that they can readily accept the challenges they have to face in their future endeavors.

But in addition to all these effort at the college, parental counseling and guidance at home is also indispensable. Parents should closely monitor children’s activities but with love and affection. In this regard, a close contact between the teachers and the parents will produce better results. A thorough knowledge of socio-economic and cultural background of the children will help the teachers to know their (children’s) interest, attitudes, temperament and emotional setup. This relationship will help us to take corrective measures on time to keep the children on the true path.

So, let us share our feelings together for the betterment of the children who are the future of our country.

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