Kopila Valley School

Surkhet, Surkhet




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  1. Description

Kopila Valley School is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters mutual respect and working together, deep learning and boundless creativity.

Gates of this school open bright and early at 7:00 in the morning and don’t close until 6:00 in the evening. The program is divided into four schools and offers a diverse curriculum – math, science, Nepali, English, social studies, computers – for nursery through 9th grade.

The students are at their best when their creative energies are stoked. They thrive at science fairs and theater performances, art month and poetry slams. They love dancing and moving, reading and learning. Kopila Valley School focuses on Montessori methods over teaching to a test. On helping students become doers – and future leaders.

Most of the students come from poor socioeconomic backgrounds who are living in mud huts, abandoned or lacking access to education. Kopila Valley school serves much more than  just as a place to learn. It has a day program where students enjoy a nutritious meal, basic medical and dental care and after-school activities like sports, music and dance, crafts and cooking classes. 


The goal of Kopila Valley School is to expand on both primary school and vision of providing the children of Surkhet with a nurturing and safe environment in which to learn, grow, develop leadership skills and become future leaders and change-makers within the community.