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NMB Bank Scholarship for MSD Program - KUSoEd

KMC Lalitpur

Under the NMB Bank scholarship program, eligible Nepali female students pursuing the 2-year Master in Sustainable Development for the August 2023 Batch at Kathmandu University, School of Education have the opportunity to receive a reduction in tuition fees. This provision applies to two deserving students who demonstrate talent and financial need. All individuals concerned are requested to complete and submit the application form.

Application Deadline

The deadline for the application form submission is Bhadra 14, 2080 (August 31, 2023).

Required Documents

  1. Written statement (one page) justifying why you deserve financial assistance.
  2. Attested copies of citizenship certificate or birth certificate.
  3. Attested copies of the academic transcripts / mark sheets and character certificate of S.L.C. level and above.
  4. Attested copies of the documents related to the previous scholarships, awards earlier.
  5. Recommendation letters from the concerned VDC or Municipality or other appropriate government institutions about the financial conditions of the applicant (original & recent).
  6. Recommendation letters from two referees explaining the financial condition of the applicant and justification for recommendation.
  7. Certificates related to victims of democratic movement/minority (backward) Groups (Dalit/ Janajati)/ physically disabled/orphans from the concerned VDC or Municipality or other Government institutions

Additionally, you are required to furnish details about your family's real estate holdings (owned by you, your spouse, parents, etc.), including its current valuation, as well as your personal and family's annual income. Furthermore, these details must be officially certified by the relevant municipal or village authority, metropolitan city, or another official institution.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the application being deemed ineligible.


Application Form for NMB Scholarship.pdf

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