United Academy Successfully Concludes 3-Day Model United Nations

November 27, 2023

The three-day United Academy Model United Nations (UNMUN) conference, titled "Prosperity through Unity," commenced at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. The opening ceremony on November 23, 2023, at the school premises marked the formal beginning of UNMUN. The program aimed not only at academic sessions but also introduced various extracurricular activities, focusing on fostering the personality development of its students throughout the program that ran until the 9th. Student delegates, representing various committees of the United Nations, engaged in discussions and interactions on different agendas, leading to the final resolutions.

The grand inauguration of the program featured various personalities from United Academy, including Dr. Lal Rapacha (Principal), Nira Pradhan (Principal of United School), and Rakesh Shrestha (Principal of United Universal School), alongside individuals from different levels of the organization and invited guests. Dr. Lal Rapacha expressed his joy in addressing the historic occasion of the United Nations Model, highlighting the diverse development and self-confidence-building efforts among United students. He emphasized the role played by the United Nations in establishing global peace and its significance in creating a suitable place for Earth, echoing the efforts of UNMUN.

In his 26 years with the institution, Dr. Rapacha stressed the program's objective to educate guests and participants on various UN mechanisms, raise international issues, and derive shared consensus through discussion, leading to practical resolutions. Nira Pradhan, the Principal of United School, expressed pride in participating in such a significant program, emphasizing its contribution to the development of logical reasoning and constructive debates among students. She highlighted the importance of creating a platform for meaningful debates and appropriate conclusions through logical arguments.

Rakesh Shrestha, the Principal of United Universal School, acknowledged the success of the efforts made towards success, elevating the respect for the entire United Academy group. He credited UNMUN for playing a meaningful role in the development of various qualities among students, such as communication skills, self-confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Shrestha thanked the Secretary-General of UNMUN and the entire team for creating opportunities through tireless efforts and expressed enthusiasm about the success of the program.

Subham Shrestha, the Deputy Secretary-General of UNMUN, welcomed everyone, highlighting the program's excellent opportunity for building youth leadership and comprehensive personal development. He announced the commencement of discussions, encouraging participants to engage in proper study and research on the assigned topics. Following the announcement, the participants were divided into various committees of the United Nations, engaging in discussions on the assigned topics, with each group presenting excellent presentations.

The program concluded on November 26, 2023, at the school premises. The formal closing ceremony eatured participating student delegates who engaged in discussions and interactions on various agendas assigned to them through seven committees of the United Nations. Bindu Magar, the Chief Guest and Representative of UNDP Nepal, graced the closing ceremony, expressing appreciation for the relentless efforts and strong determination shown by the representatives in each group.

Addressing the program, Academic Head Basant Nepali of United Academy expressed happiness for the successful completion of the event, stating that the program achieved its goal for the first time. Bindu Magar commended the United Academy for providing an opportunity to work as agencies of the United Nations and highlighted the rare opportunity the program provided to address rapidly emerging global issues, fostering discussions and solutions.

Magar thanked the United Academy for organizing a program that allowed students to showcase confidence and capabilities openly. She encouraged them to make the most of the knowledge and opportunities gained and suggested utilizing their potential for addressing global issues nationally and internationally. She emphasized that the program aimed to develop competent individuals capable of contributing to society, not just focusing on competition. In his address, Academic Head Basant Nepali expressed joy at the success of the first-ever organized event, encouraging students to actively participate in discussions and debates to develop their understanding of the global community.

The program concluded with remarks from the Secretary-General of UAMUN, Aabhas Sharma, who highlighted the significance of the three-day learning experience. Sharma expressed appreciation for the successful collaboration of leaders and participants, announcing plans for the next edition of UAMUN and emphasizing the program's role in developing capable leaders. The first edition set the stage for future editions, including the opportunity to meet again next year with more advanced features and participants.

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