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Seminar Calls for Increased Awareness in Information Technology and Business Management

April 17, 2024
Seminar Calls for Increased Awareness in Information Technology and Business Management
KMC Lalitpur

A recent seminar held in the capital shed light on the lack of awareness regarding the emerging trends in information technology (IT) and business management. Researchers emphasized that this unawareness is hindering the development of the nation.

Dr. Manish Pokharel, the Dean of Kathmandu University School of Engineering, speaking at the event organized by Patan College of Professional Studies, underscored the necessity of foreign aid for the country. He expressed concerns that unless addressed, this lack of awareness will continue to impact the country's progress.

Furthermore, Dr. Pokharel stressed the pivotal role of education in relation with the industrial revolution for achieving sustainable development.

Pankaj Jalan, Chairman of the Lord Buddha Education Foundation, emphasized the practical importance of IT education in the current context, advocating for its incorporation into the national educational curriculum.

Dr. Sudan Jha, a prominent professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University, emphasized the crucial role of education in bridging the gap between deep development projects and the industrial revolution.

Additionally, Dr. Surendra Neupane, the Research Head at Lincoln College, highlighted the importance of adaptable skills and agility in the field of information technology.

The seminar also saw active participation from researchers and experts in the management field, who shared their insights and perspectives. Postgraduate students from the organizing college presented their research findings, engaging in discussions about emerging trends and developments in the field.

As a significant outcome of the seminar, a journal containing the research contributions of students was launched, marking a step forward in fostering dialogue and knowledge dissemination in the realm of information technology and business management.

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