Patan College for Professional Studies

Behind Kan Devtasthan, Kopundole, Lalitpur
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Salient Features


The academic complex spread over an area of 10952 square feet includes the College building, the basketball court and the parking lot. PCPS has provided state-of-the-art facilities in the College building to ensure premium services are in place for students enrolling into the academic programs that are delivered.


The lecture rooms are spacious, airy, well illuminated and designed to accommodate 30 students in comfortable furniture settings with dedicated internet connectivity and provisions for power-point presentations.


There are two computer laboratories, set up to meet the requirements of the Computer Science and Software Engineering course, one specific for mobile application development.


The tutorial rooms are smaller sized versions of the lecture rooms to facilitate student-module leader interaction on a one-to-one basis or in smaller groups.


The student learning hub is designed to provide the students space for their leisurely activities within the College hours. This is the room to go to and sit down over a cup of tea or coffee and work independently or in small groups during the independent activity or assignments.


Apart from the full-fledged laboratories, there are smaller sized project rooms equipped with the necessities for students planning and working on group projects.


The library is situated at the fifth level and comprises of the digital section housing the online resources in addition to the borrowing and reference section. Ample space with tables, chair are in place for students wanting to work within the library itself.


The audio-video presentation room is equipped with the provisions for recording and playback of practice sessions of presentations so as to provide students with insights into improving one’s delivery, diction and content before the actual presentation in the classrooms.


The group discussion rooms in each floor provides the space for the planning, discussion and implementation phase of group projects, assignments and their close proximity to the faculty rooms ensures that faculty supervision and guidance is at hand whenever required.

Admission Guidelines

The admission procedure involves completing the admission form with all necessary fields duly filled up and submission of the same to the Administrative office at the College. The admission form can alternatively be downloaded and online application submitted through the website

The duly filled up and submitted admission form is scrutinized and registered by the administrative staff, following which the applicants will have to appear for a common entrance examination.The applicants shortlisted from the entrance examination will be finally selected for enrollment through an oral interview with a panel of examiners.

At the time of application, the students have to produce original certificates and credentials for verification.

The documents required at the time of admission are:

  • Attested photocopy of School leaving Certificate mark-sheet and Character certificate
  • Attested photocopy of Nationality certification if applicable.


The college offers financial assistance for academically sound but financially challenged students to support them through their studies. Scholarships provided will be applied on tuition fee category. Scholarships will be provided to 10% of the annual intake of students as per the directives of the government. To apply and determine if you are eligible, students have to fill up an application form for scholarships and funding and submit it to the Administrative office at the college.


This Scholarship is awarded based on the percentage achieved in the High-School Board examinations or equivalent examination. The scholarship scheme is as follows:


 % Obtained in High School


No. Of Students


Above 90%




80% - 90%




70% - 80%




Above 60%




Merit Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance in the Common Entrance Examination conducted by Patan College, internal examinations/evaluations and the End Semester examinations of the University. This scholarship in only awarded in the tuition fee category. The scholarship privileges provided in this category are as follows :


% Obtained



Above 95%



91% - 95%



86% - 90%



81% - 85%



76% - 80%



71% - 75%




Patan College for Professional Studies (PCPS) is located at Kupondole, Lalitpur. It is a constituent member of the LBEF Group of Institutions (Lord Buddha Education Foundation). LBEF has a long-standing history in the field of education and academics in Nepal, being established in 1998 as the first IT College in Nepal. More than 7000 students have over the years graduated from LBEF Group of Institutions and today, have established careers as bankers, IT experts, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders in their chosen area of work.

The inception of Patan College began with this very simple thought, the desire to provide a globally accredited degree from a renowned UK university in our own backyard. This initial thought was put into motion by launching very incisive research into Universities in the United Kingdom (UK). The search was exhaustive, painstaking but rewarding, as it led the college on to the University of Bedfordshire (UoB), with over a hundred years of experience as a quality education provider in the UK.

Patan College for Professional Studies has been permitted by the Ministry of Education, Nepal Government to offer B.Sc.(Hons.) in Computer Science & Software Engineering, BSc (Hons) CSSE with Micro degree in AI and BBA (Hons.) in academic partnership with the University of Bedfordshire. Both these courses have been recognized by Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

A-Level program is licensed to Lumbini International College managed by Patan College for Professional Studies.

The University of Bedfordshire is a modern, innovative university with a heritage of top quality education dating back more than 100 years. The University of Bedfordshire has earned a place in the Times Higher Education (THE) annual World University rankings for the second year running.

The internationally renowned league table has placed Bedfordshire in the 601 to 800 category of best universities in the world. 

Message from the Dean

Ajaya Sharma

Dear Aspiring Students,

Welcome to the PCPS College. I am proud to take you to diverse and inclusive ownership of faculty, staff, and alumni all devoted to making life-changing possibilities through education. We are sworn to fulfill the exalted standards of an international degree. We take pride in our academic partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, to guide and support us in the venture. Everything begins with a great teacher, and you can be assured that joining us, will be immersed in a group of experienced, vibrant, thoughtful, and talented faculty members who will coach and mentor you.

We are also committed to diversity and equity through curriculum and program development, instructional and appraisal strategies, recruitment and retention pattern that blend theory and practice that will prepare you to be highly effective professionals that will make a difference in our diverse and real world.

We are partner with local community groups, public, private, non-profit organizations and inside the valley and across the region to provide learning, service, and scholarship opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in PCPS College and our students' exceptional education. Join us we drive education forward, in the course of which we shall learn to lead.

Er Ajaya Sharma