Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF)



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Founded in 1998, the Lord Buddha Education Foundation (The First IT College of Nepal) has a well-established tradition of excellence across a broad range of academic disciplines.

From its humble beginnings, the college has made steady progress and today stands as one of the leading colleges in Nepal with currently over 1,000 students. More than 7000 students have over the years graduated from LBEF Group of Institutions and today, have established careers as bankers, IT Professionals experts, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders in their choosen area of interest.

We, at LBEF CAMPUS  have created a learning ambience, which takes students beyond the routine examinations to facilitate and train them to build a career. Our classroom sessions are not only interactive but also stimulating and well-paced.

We have highly qualified and trained faculty that provides effective guidance, monitoring and assistance to the students so as to draw out the best in them. Over the years, we have developed a methodical, periodic evaluation system through progressive and sections tests, in order to assess the development of students in specific knowledge areas. It makes learning even more valuable.