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Lord Buddha Education Foundation and CAN Federation Collaborate to Provide IT Scholarships

February 11, 2024
Lord Buddha Education Foundation and CAN Federation Collaborate to Provide IT Scholarships

In a collaborative effort aimed at supporting students pursuing Information Technology (IT) education, the Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF) has joined hands with the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) Federation to offer scholarships to deserving individuals.

Under this initiative, 49 students from various regions of Nepal have been selected to receive scholarships, marking a significant step towards promoting IT education across the country.

The scholarships target students who have faced economic and social challenges, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds in all seven provinces. Through this partnership, the CAN Federation will play a pivotal role in identifying students based on merit, ensuring that deserving candidates are given the opportunity to pursue higher education in IT-related fields.

Notably, the agreement between LBEF and CAN Federation entails providing full scholarships to 49 students for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in IT subjects. The scholarships cover annual expenses amounting to NPR 2,83,000 per student, reflecting the commitment of the Lord Buddha Education Foundation to support students in need.

Moreover, the Foundation has a longstanding tradition of offering scholarships to students in various disciplines on an annual basis. This initiative not only facilitates access to education but also underscores the Foundation's dedication to social responsibility.

The collaboration between LBEF and CAN Federation has been formalized through the signatures of Pankaj Jalan, President of LBEF, and Ranjit Poudel, President of CAN Federation.

This partnership represents a significant stride towards bridging the gap in IT education and empowering deserving students to realize their academic aspirations. It underscores the collective commitment of both organizations to foster educational opportunities and empower the youth of Nepal.

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