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Padmashree College Students Empower Sindhuli with Culinary Training

September 08, 2023
Padmashree College Students Empower Sindhuli with Culinary Training

In Sunkoshi Gaupalika-6, Sindhuli, students from Padmashree College who are studying Hotel Management (BHM) are making a big difference. They're helping local folks learn how to cook and get better job opportunities at Shree Dirgha Pradip Secondary School. This teamwork is all about giving power to the local community by teaching them cooking skills they need for jobs in the growing hotel and restaurant industry.

The cooking training isn't just about improving how people cook, but also about teaching them what they need to start good careers in the food business. Through hands-on practice and learning by doing, students get really useful knowledge about cooking. This project opens up lots of different jobs, so people in Sindhuli and nearby places can find good jobs in the food industry.

Padmashree College students are changing the lives of the local community in Sindhuli. They're helping a new group of people who love cooking and want to be professionals in the food world. This is not just about jobs; it's also about keeping and celebrating the local food traditions. This project shows how education and job training can help people and communities succeed.

The work of Padmashree College students at Community School is a great example for schools all over the world. They are sharing what they know and their experiences, and this is breaking the old rules of education. It's helping their community and giving young chefs a chance to change their lives. This teamwork shows how important it is to teach people practical job skills and give them career advice to help them succeed.

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