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SPA College Assistant Professor Ojha Sets Record at TU

May 12, 2024
SPA College Assistant Professor Ojha Sets Record at TU
KMC Lalitpur

Assistant Professor Deepak Raj Ojha of Sudur Pashchimanchal College (SPA College) has etched his name in Tribhuvan University (TU) history by securing the highest marks ever recorded.

Hailing from the Physics Department of TU, Ojha has authored a remarkable chapter in academia, becoming only the second student to achieve a perfect grade of 4.0 in postgraduate history studies. This outstanding accomplishment has not gone unnoticed, as Ojha was honored with the prestigious Prof. Dr. Kedarnath Khanal Memorial Physics Award 2080.

The recognition of his scholarly work has brought immense joy to Ojha, who humbly credited his success to the guidance of his mentors, the support of his parents, and the encouragement of his family. Despite graduating in 2021, Ojha's achievements continue to resonate, with him being lauded once again in 2024.

Commenting on Ojha's triumph, Campus Chief Yograj Upadhyay expressed hearty congratulations and highlighted the unwavering commitment of SPA College towards providing quality education. Upadhyay emphasized the invaluable contribution of experienced and skilled faculty members in shaping the academic journey of students, underscoring the college's ethos of delivering excellence in education.

SPA College, a pioneer in IT-based education in Sudurpashchim, has been a bastion of academic excellence for over two decades. The institution has nurtured over a hundred students who have gone on to achieve full scholarships in various disciplines such as MBBS, BDS., among others.

Furthermore, the educational accolades garnered by Assistant Professor Ojha have not only elevated his personal standing but have also brought immense pride to the entire campus community. The college family celebrates the remarkable achievement of their esteemed faculty member, whose dedication and scholarly prowess continue to inspire future generations of learners.

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