OCE commits mistake in GPA results in SEE exam



Kathmandu, June 24 (RSS): It is found that the National Examination Board, Office of Controller of Examinations on Saturday published the result of the Secondary Education Examination without adding practical number. 

This technical mistake came to light after Grade Point Average (GPA) of students were found to have increased today as compared to Saturday. 

The OEC made this technical mistake for lack of enough preparation and review while publishing the result. However, the Office has not yet released the new data in this regard. 
OCE officials and staffs have been saying that the recent number the students have been getting is the authorized one. 

There are still chances of change in the GPA made public today in this new situation. The efforts made to contact with Examination Controller Ambika Prasad Regmi to know about this issue went in vain. 
Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Khagaraj Baral, said that the mistake occurred due to a technical snag. He said necessary study and investigation was underway in this regard. 
Similarly, Chairperson of National Private and Boarding Schools Organisation (NPABSON), Rituraj Sapkota said, "It is great mistake to make public the incomplete result of the students. Publishing such result was the mistake of the OCE."  -Prakash Silwal


Please check the website of examination controller office (Click here) to view your latest result. 

The result published in see.edusanjal.com and any other sms/website providers may be of the earlier data, and you may find inconsistency while viewing results from those methods.