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Congress Leader Bhushal Returns to Education After Becoming a Grandmother

April 01, 2024
Congress Leader Bhushal Returns to Education After Becoming a Grandmother

A woman leader from Parbat has set an example where age is not a barrier to education. Fifty-year-old Khagisara Bhusal from Bihadi Rural Municipality-4 in Southern Parbat district participated in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) and exemplified this notion. Despite being married at an early age and having two sons and a daughter, Bhusal couldn't fulfill her educational aspirations. However, after becoming a grandmother, she felt compelled to pursue her education.

Bhusal, a native of Bihadi, took the SEE exam at a high school examination center. She got married in 2046 B.S. while preparing for the Class 9 annual exam and gave birth to a son around the same time. Due to family responsibilities, she had to halt her studies. Thirty-two years later, she resumed her education by enrolling in Class 9 at Lakshmibhavan Secondary School in her village. After completing Class 9 and subsequently Class 10, she is now appearing for SEE.

Despite no obligation to continue her education, Bhusal, driven by the desire for more knowledge, returned to school after 32 years. She had studied until Grade 8 at Chandra Secondary School in Uram of Bihadi Rural Municipality-5. Despite being a young grandmother, she managed her studies alongside her family responsibilities without feeling uncomfortable.

Bhusal has three grandchildren from her children. "Although I was living comfortably with my grandchildren's support, I regretted not pursuing further education at a younger age, hence my decision to return to studying," she expressed. "I plan to pursue Class 11 and 12 after SEE."

Bhusal has a lineage connected to a former representative of Bihadi Rural Municipality. She contested in the initial local-level elections representing Nepali Congress and became a member of the Village Executive Committee. Currently, she actively engages in politics and holds positions in the Nepali Congress Bihadi Rural Municipality Working Committee and Nepal Women's Association Bihadi.

She has dedicated 17 years to volunteering in women's health. Upon succeeding in elections, she discontinued her voluntary work and entered politics in 2048 B.S. as a district member of the Nepal Student Union.

"Despite marrying young and discontinuing my education, now that my responsibilities towards my children and grandchildren are fulfilled, I'm back to school," stated Bhusal. She also mentioned that if her husband, Tilak Bhusal, becomes a leader in the Nepali Congress, she intends to serve as the Secretary and Head of the Organization Department in Parbat.

The Education Development and Coordination Unit in Parbat confirmed Khagisara Bhusal as the oldest among 2,028 SEE candidates in Parbat. Uddhimaraj Paudel, Head of the Office, noted that Bhusal, over 50 years old, holds the distinction of being the oldest student in the district. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Shakti Adhikari from Public Service Sanskrit Secondary School in Paiyun Rural Municipality of Parbat is the youngest SEE candidate in the district.

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