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Disciplinary Actions Against Center Controllers and Inspectors in SEE

April 15, 2024
Disciplinary Actions Against Center Controllers and Inspectors in SEE
KMC Lalitpur

The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) conducted from the 15th to the 27th of Chaitra, 2080, witnessed disciplinary actions taken against six center controllers and 30 inspectors. Center controllers from various centers in Sarlahi, Morang, Solukhumbu, and Banke faced disciplinary measures.

The National Examinations Board took action against individuals such as Ram Narayan Yadav from Jankaul Secondary School Harkathwa in Sarlahi, Dinesh Rai from Laxmi Devi Janata Secondary School Malangwa 11, Birendra Chaudhary from Janata Secondary School Chakraghatta, and Vijay Kumar Rauniyar from Shiksha Sadan Secondary School in Biratnagar, among others. Additionally, the Board was informed about disciplinary actions taken against eight inspectors from Morang, two from Saptari, thirteen from Sarlahi, one fake inspector from Bara, two from Banke, and four from Mahottari, all found using mobile phones for cheating during the examination.

Furthermore, the Board disciplined one office assistant for aiding cheating in the examination through improper means. Moreover, 90 examinees engaging in inappropriate activities during the examination were expelled.

The Board disclosed that 1236 mobile phones were confiscated from the examination centers. Despite a visually impaired examinee being caught accessing cheat materials at Narayani Secondary School in Chitwan, the Board opted not to take disciplinary action.

Reports surfaced during the mathematics examination that question papers were leaked on social media and communication devices within 8 minutes of the exam starting at the Jhunkhunwa examination center. Similarly, during the Nepali examination, question papers were leaked within 15-20 minutes of the exam starting and circulated on social media. Allegations were made that the chief of the examination center, along with the principal and local hotel manager, enticed students by offering accommodations at their hotel, compromising the integrity of the examination. The Board also provided information about incidents such as sending answers via mobile, copying from gas papers, and collusion among examinees, all of which contributed to cheating during the examination.

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